100 Things to do this Summer

Summer is coming and school is almost out. I have compiled a list from many other lists with fun and interesting things to do this summer with your kids to make a fun and memorable summer!

  1. Cloud Watching
  2. Have a Lemonade stand
  3. Ride a train
  4. Ride scooters
  5. Scavenger hunt
  6. Amusement park
  7. Dance party
  8. Make moon sand
  9. Road trip
  10. Banana split
  11. Pen pal
  12. Find a crazy Snow globe
  13. Go fishing
  14. Make Root beer floats
  15. Slip and slide
  16. Breakfast picnic
  17. Aracade
  18. Paint a picture
  19. Star gazing
  20. Visit Museum
  21. Go to the Library
  22. Bob for apples
  23. Have Story Time at home
  24. Pick wild flowers
  25. Go swimming
  26. Go to the Dollar movies
  27. Cook out at home
  28. Visit the Planetarium
  29. Bean bag toss
  30. Play Croquet
  31. “drive in movie” in the back yard
  32. Catch bugs
  33. Fly kites
  34. Have a Magic show
  35. Feed ducks
  36. Have a Movie night at home
  37. Play Mini golf
  38. Visit grandparents
  39. Cereal art
  40. Craft night
  41. Make pizza
  42. Water balloon fight
  43. Roast marshmallows
  44. Visit a pet store
  45. Snow cones
  46. Home made cookies
  47. Play in sprinklers
  48. Camp outside
  49. Go for a walk
  50. Make play dough
  51. Dance in the rain
  52. Make a bird feeder
  53. Weenie roast
  54. Ride bikes
  55. Farmers market
  56. Blow dandilions
  57. Puppet show
  58. Play Frisbee
  59. Sidewalk chalk
  60. Have a water gun fight
  61. Have a mid summer night celebration
  62. Outdoor concert
  63. Play Jacks
  64. Pajama Day
  65. Go to a Splash Park
  66. Go for a Car ride
  67. Have aBackyard dinner
  68. Bathtub paint
  69. Make Bubbles
  70. Play a board game
  71. Play hot potato
  72. Make a mask
  73. Hula hoop contest
  74. Play bingo
  75. Go on a hike
  76. Watch fireworks
  77. Make an obstacle course
  78. Visit a new playground
  79. Tour fire station
  80. Paper airplane contest
  81. Have a party just because
  82. Go to a petting zoo
  83. Go to the zoo
  84. Plant a garden
  85. Make trail mix
  86. Leaf rubbings
  87. Breakfast for dinner
  88. Catch a firefly
  89. Go peach picking
  90. Go bowling
  91. Make a time capsule
  92. Pillow fight
  93. Celebrate Christmas in July
  94. Leave a secret treat for a neighbor
  95. Go to storytime at a bookstore
  96. Visit a farm
  97. Tea party
  98. Paint with pudding
  99. Write a letter to grandparents and mail them.
  100. Decorate bikes for a parade

Have a great summer!!!

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