Motivation, Happiness and the Power of Positive Thinking

Motivation, Happiness and the Power of Positive Thinking

This is my first blog post following the New Year.  While I was on winter break (and a month or so prior), I gave this whole blogging thing some thought.  I kept going back and forth with what direction I wanted to go in and the type of content I provided you with.  I know I just recently went through this and while I enjoy providing material that relates to being a mom to three teenagers … Continue Reading...

introducing the new Verified Mom by Phyllis

The Rebranding Story of Verified Mom!

There is a reasonable explanation for me rebranding Verified Mom.  Being a mom is all I know how to do.  It’s all I’ve done for 18 years.  Now that the kids are older, things they say or do are far from cute.  Things they say or do make me want to punch them.  They are also at ages where they don’t really want me talking about them to the masses.  There are … Continue Reading...

I vow to myself

Vowed #WordADayChallenge


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Vow, I have vowed a lot of things that’s for dang sure.  I vowed that I would complete this #wordadaychallenge and it has been kicking my butt!  I missed a bunch of days (like 9 to be exact), but who’s counting?  I do vow though that I’ll get to posting about those 9 words because some of them were pretty cool.  A traditional vow is through marriage, but … Continue Reading...

Quiet #WordADayChallenge

Quiet #WordADayChallenge


Quiet.  Soaking up the stillness.  My head is filled with noise while this room is silent.  I wish there was a way to hush my mind.  Thoughts running as if they were sprinting towards a finish line.  Why is such a small space filled with so many words?  I rush outside without hesitation.  Looking up to the big bright blue sky I see fast moving yet quiet birds hustling about trying to … Continue Reading...


Positive-Mind #WordADayChallenge

Positive Mind

Oh boy, I have needed a positive mind lately!  I feel as if I have been on a treadmill going nowhere and I just want to jump off.   It seems as if I have been going through the same things over and over again and no matter how hard I try, nothing changes.  This is where the positive mind comes into play because without it, I swear, things would be so completely … Continue Reading...

Healthy Holiday FB

Healthy Holiday S.O.S. What’s that?

Healthy Holiday

Healthy holiday?  I don’t think I’ve every had a healthy holiday!  So with today’s #12DaysOfBlogmas, I had to think what was I going to write about a healthy holiday other than I don’t have one…ever!  However, that being said, it is saying a lot.  It is saying that I am making a conscious choice to treat myself badly during the most stressful (yet joyous) time of the year.  Here I … Continue Reading...

Willpower Wednesday: An Open Letter of Thanks

Willpower Wednesday: An Open Letter of Thanks

Dear Willpower,

I want to take a moment to say thank you.  Thank you for always being there to test me and to teach me lessons about myself, my body and my mind.  Thank you for providing me with a sense of self-discipline and control.  Thank you for always making sure that I am in control of my own actions.  Outside thoughts and situations have always been there as a temptation but you are always … Continue Reading...

Carving Time Out For Yourself

Motivational Monday, 5 Tips For Carving Out Time For Yourself

Make Time for Yourself!

Happy Motivational Monday!!!  Today’s post is going to be about carving out time for yourself and some tips on how to change that thought to an action.  It occurred to me recently that I don’t take very good care of myself.  I don’t do things just for me.  In fact, I don’t even know who I really am aside from being a wife and a mom.  Think back, when was the … Continue Reading...

Willpower Wednesday Reset

Willpower Wednesday: Hitting Reset

It’s OK to hit your reset button!

Sometimes it’s ok to hit the reset button.   Sometimes we as adults just need a do-over.  I posted about my I love life series and found out about my brother in laws passing shortly after that.  Everything took a pause as you can imagine.  I took time to reflect, plan and ultimately move forward.  That brings me to today.  Willpower Wednesday.

Today’s post is on hitting your reset … Continue Reading...

Penny Longboards Are Top Notch

Skateboarders Take Notice of Penny’s Skateboards and Longboards!

I’m going to just jump out and say it.  I am impressed with Penny Skateboards and Longboards!  My daughter, Gianna loves to skate.  She has many different skateboards and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  When I had the opportunity to review the Penny Longboard, I knew who was going to be my “tester”, and needless to say, she was quite excited to … Continue Reading...

Easy 365 Day Challenge That Will Make You Feel Powerful -Pin

Easy 365 Day Challenge That Will Make You Feel Powerful

Challenge Yourself!

Yes, you read that right.  An easy 365 day challenge that will make you feel powerful!  Seems almost impossible doesn’t it?  Well I promise you, it’s not going to be that hard, at all, to join in this challenge with me.  I swear, I am not looking to make myself stressed or crazed by doing this, so my only option to preventing that is to make it as easy as I possibly can.  … Continue Reading...

You deserve your own love!

Motivating Monday: Self Love

How much love do you have for yourself?

Hey friends!  I have been watching many periscopes over the last week and the one thing that I have noticed is us women are way too hard on ourselves.  When I saw this quote this morning I knew it was something that I had to write about.

We all have good and bad days, that’s a given, but we, myself included, often fall short of recognizing our … Continue Reading...

Forgiveness Friday Week 1

Forgiveness Friday Learning to Forgive Yourself Week #1

Forgiveness Friday Learning To Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness Friday Learning to Forgive Yourself, it’s a pretty powerful title, don’t you think?  You can not be a successful person if you do not know how to forgive.  Forgiveness is a hard thing to master, but it is something that is so completely rewarding once you do.  I’m not going to lie, I still have to work on this which is why I started this amazing three-day series.  … Continue Reading...

Willpower Wednesday Quote of the Day

Willpower Wednesday Week #1 – What you think you become!

Willpower Wednesday Week #1

The mind is everything.  What you think, you become.


Today is the first day of my “I Love Life; A Series To Regain A Positive Outlook” series and falls under Willpower Wednesday.  I shared a quote above that I felt was very powerful and helps me to regain my thoughts and my willpower.

 For me, my mind likes to play tricks on me.  I think one thing and then … Continue Reading...

I love life: A series To Regain A Positive Outlook

I love life; a series to regain a positive outlook

I LOVE LIFE; A Series To Regain A Positive Outlook

Have you ever been sucked into a black hole only to wish and pray you would find your way out of the crazy, asap?  I have,  and it isn’t a pretty place to be that’s for sure!  Recently I have found myself trying very hard to forget about what ever is causing me to turn my positive outlook into a negative one.  It could have … Continue Reading...

Positivity Journaling #SeptemberScopers

#PositivityJournaling To Change Your Life (#LOA)


Positivity Journaling #SeptemberScopers


I’m sure you are wondering what exactly is #PositivityJournaling, aren’t you?  For those that don’t know, I am taking part in a Periscope Challenge and you can find all of those participating using the hashtag #SeptemberScopers.  I wrote about it here too so you can learn more about it and join in if you’d like!


The one prompt that we had was Travel.  I didn’t want to share any vacation … Continue Reading...

How does your garden grow?

My Garden is…


Love my hanging #strawberry plant! #fresh #strawberries #summer #garden

A photo posted by Verified Mom (@verifiedmom) on

Is not doing as well as I’d like it to be. I do however love my hanging strawberry plant. It is starting to bloom really well and we’ve had a few strawberries picked already. I asked the lil one how she likes them compared to the ones we … Continue Reading...