2017 Holiday Gift Guide Featured

2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Call For Submissions

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

I am now accepting partner submissions to be included in my annual 2017 holiday gift guide.  You can see my other gift guides and blog posts that I take this time of year seriously.  I will only be including items that my readers will love and appreciate so if you have any of the following items, you are more than welcome to submit them.  I am PR friendly and will be … Continue Reading...

Get Ready for School

Get Ready for School With Mead FiveStar

It’s time to get ready for school everyone!  Every year we have to go shopping for school supplies.  It’s a task most parents hate to love.  When the kids were younger I could get away with buying store brand and generic supplies but as soon as they all started middle school we started purchasing products made by Mead Five Star.   Yes, the kids liked it because they were the “cool” products to have and … Continue Reading...

LG Front Load Washer and SideKick are on sale @BestBuy {@LGUS #ad}

When you have older kids the one thing you learn to appreciate is never having to do anyone’s laundry other than your own!  However, that said, with a bigger family comes a longer laundry line.  Someone is always waiting to use the washing machine.  One major game-changing bonus is the LG Front Load Washer and SideKick!  The SideKick provides additional capacity to wash two loads at once! SCORE for LG!

Disclaimer:  I have been Continue Reading...

Featured Countertop Appliances

3 countertop appliances guaranteed to make your life easy

As I was making dinner tonight I realized that I absolutely love 3 of my countertop appliances and don’t know how I had lived without them for so long.  I didn’t think I would love a small kitchen appliance as much as I do, but it’s true.  It genuinely makes me so happy that I actually enjoy making dinner again.  Tonight I made my favorite Italian sausage dinner in a Christmas gift I bought for … Continue Reading...

Aldi Got A Makeover

Aldi Got a Makeover! Save Time & Money By Shopping at #Aldi

You’ve probably heard about Aldi haven’t you?  If not, it’s a super amazing little grocery store that carries tons of products cheaper than your regular grocery store and supercenters.  They are not your average grocery store…not even close.  I never knew about Aldi until I moved into my *then* little town of Plainfield, Illinois.  When I moved here in 1998 it was what I would consider a “small town” with 9,495 people.  Now, 18 years … Continue Reading...

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Here is my little 2016 Holiday gift guide for kids. There are 6-holiday gifts that I am sharing that I think are super fun for girls or boys, little ones or big ones. These gifts will allow kids to use their imagination in more ways than one. They can get creative, explore with STEM and get some eye-hand coordination going. I tried to find a little something different for kids.  Don’t forget to check out … Continue Reading...

Holiday Decorations Featured Image

I love Christmas decorations and you should too!

I love, like love-love, Christmas decorations and I am not afraid to admit that. Yes, I am that person who if I could, would leave my holiday lights on outside all year round.  The more twinkling lights the better!  Seeing them in just about every room brings me happiness and joy!  Christmas decorations bring me joy.  When I had my parents over for my birthday last week my mom made a comment “I didn’t know … Continue Reading...

Gifts for the Sport Enthusiast

Gifts for the Sport Enthusiast in your life

Buying gifts for the sport enthusiast is almost next to impossible, don’t you think?  I think that family member or friend is always super hard to buy for?  They either have just about everything within that sport that it makes it impossible to find something they don’t already have, or you just haven’t found the right gift that suits them best.  I had to do some digging but I think I found some really neat … Continue Reading...

Save Money & Energy with ENERGY STAR® Sound Bars & Dryers!

Save Money & Energy with ENERGY STAR® Sound Bars & Dryers!

Disclosure:  I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

When you have a tight budget you start to look for long lasting ways to save money.  You don’t think that saving every penny matters, but soon you realize that every penny does matter!  So, that’s why I like looking for products with the ENERGY STAR® label.  My favorite … Continue Reading...

Best Buy Home Tech Experience

Visit the Mall of America & Get the Home Tech experience by #BestBuyTechHome

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

I am a closet tech nerd which most people wouldn’t know about unless they knew me, so hearing about a new piece of technology makes me all giddy.  I almost feel like it’s Christmas morning and I am opening a gift that I have been eagerly anticipating all year.  That’s … Continue Reading...

2016 Must Have School Supply List

School Supplies: Our 2016 Must-Have List

What’s on Your List?

This year was a little different since I only had to shop with two kids instead of three.  The third is going to a local junior college so we didn’t have to do much shopping for her, plus her boyfriend won some school supplies and he gave them to her….score!  My son is a Freshman now so they don’t usually give them a “supply” list because each teacher will provide them … Continue Reading...

Verified Mom is now accepting Holiday Gift Guide Submissions for 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 ~Now Accepting Submissions~

Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

Verified Mom and a good Holiday Gift Guide go hand in hand.  With that, I am now accepting partner submissions to be included in my annual holiday gift guide.  You can see here by my other gift guides and here by my other blog posts that I take this time of year quite seriously.

I will only be including items that my readers will appreciate so if you have any … Continue Reading...

Basic Invite - For All your Invitational Needs!

Basic Invite for all your Invitational Needs

Basic Invite – custom invitations!

There are certain times when professional invitations and thank you notes are most appropriate (in my opinion) and those would be personalized wedding and birth announcements, holiday and thank you cards and any other major life event.   I get it that sometimes you either can’t afford fancy invites or thank you notes, other times it’s just a matter of timing.  I’ve been there, done that, many times over!  … Continue Reading...

Netflix Stream Team Lessons Learned

Lessons My Kids Learned From Watching Netflix

My kids are always saying and doing things that make me question where they’ve learned it or how they come up with these things.  I am reminded that we have Netflix and nine times out of ten, they will have learned it from watching their favorite shows or different movies. 

I will never give up!

My oldest is now 18 (yes, that makes me sad) but even she has some interesting take aways from watching … Continue Reading...

Samsung Mobile Gear VR

Samsung Mobile + Gear VR Bundle #AD @Bestbuy @SamsungMobileUS #GearVR

Mobile virtual reality has finally arrived. Be at the center of exciting games, watch the best of Hollywood in your own private cinema, socialize with friends, and so much more. The Samsung Gear VR drops you right in the action — and it’s only from Samsung and Oculus.

Virtual Reality Anywhere

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.Continue Reading...

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Real life issues? No worries, there’s Netflix!

Whether you have a little kiddo, tween or teen, you will always have real life issues to contend with.  Some of the issues you just can’t come right out and talk about so what do you do?  You can always Google things.  You can also try to find a book or something relatable so that you can ease your way into that conversation. 

Netflix + Real Life =

Gateway for Discussions

Sometimes you can just … Continue Reading...

Celebrate Easter With Peeps

Celebrate Easter With Peeps & A Giveaway!

*The PEEPS & COMPANY® products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by PEEPS & COMPANY®.*

Celebrate Easter With Peeps

Ever since the kids were little I would fill their baskets up with sweet treats and Peeps!  Easter is not complete with out the marshmallow goodiness that you can only get from Peeps.  I would fill each little plastic Easter egg with a special clue that would take them running around the house in … Continue Reading...

Family Fun Breakfast for Dinner, aka brinner

Family Fun Breakfast Dinner + Giveaway!

Family Fun Breakfast Dinner

My family LOVES breakfast for dinner and when I say LOVES, I mean, they could eat breakfast for dinner every night of the week! #Truth!  I personally don’t mind it either because it is usually something all of us will eat.  By having a family fun breakfast dinner, there is no fussing or complaining about eating something they hate (like broccoli, cauliflower or green beans).  It is usually a very successful … Continue Reading...

Subaru Legacy, I miss you.

Subaru Legacy, I miss you…

I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Subaru to test drive the Subaru Legacy, and man, Subaru Legacy, I miss you!  Coming from years of driving a minivan, driving the Legacy brought me back to my youth when driving a car was way cooler than driving a minivan.  What I really miss the most about driving it is driving it in the evenings.  It felt like I was … Continue Reading...

Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones by Puro Sound Labs

Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones
by Puro Sound Labs

Kid-Friendly Bluetooth headphones are a definite must have for kids and I’ll tell you why.   Puro Sound Labs BT2200’s have been created with kids health and safety in mind so I was beyond psyched to partner with them to test out this product.  They are the first studio-grade Bluetooth headphones on the market.  The number one reason why I find these particular headphones amazing is they are made … Continue Reading...