Chocolate Bacon Cake ~ if you dare

Yes, this might look nasty to some, but I just had to do it!  I have heard about people putting bacon on just about everything and making weird creations using these artery-clogging tasty pieces of goodness, so I had to give it a try, I mean, what did I really have to lose?  I searched online and found many different recipes for chocolate bacon cupcakes and cakes and well, I didn’t have time to make one from scratch so I just decided to go with the good ‘ole box cake mix.  First I cooked my real bacon {I normally eat turkey bacon, but I had to go all out with the real stuff for this experiment} in the microwave until it was nice and crispy.  While the bacon was getting all crispy, I mixed up a box of devils food chocolate cake.  When the bacon was cooled {and dried off (the amount of grease it produced was nasty)}, I then crumbled up half of the bacon and mixed it into the cake batter.   Baked my cake and once it was baked and cooled, I frosted it with a whipped cream cheese frosting.  I crumbled up the remaining bacon and sprinkled it on the top and wha-la, it was completed…a chocolate bacon cake!

Now, this was the real test…actually tasting it!!  I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive to try it, but I had a piece cut…and there I went…first forkful…not so bad.  I could taste the warmth of the freshly baked cake and then there it was…the salty sweetness!  I didn’t really taste the bacon in the cake, but it was definitely a prominent flavor on top of the frosting!  I don’t think you could eat a lot of it, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Would I make it again…probably not, unless it was requested (which I highly doubt) but it was definitely something to try and have fun with.  I now see the fascination with bacon!

Have you ever made a bacon cake or cupcakes?  What else have you made with bacon?

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