DIY No Sew Lalaloopsy Pets

Like I said in THIS post, Lalaloopsies are the hottest things in my house right now.

We scour through Target, Walmart & Toys ‘R’ Us very very often to find the mini ones that the kids don’t already have.

It’s super exciting when we find a different one of the shelves.

You see, as much as my kids LOVE the little Lalaloopsies, they love the pets that come with them just as much.

The pets are super tiny and get lost easily.

When it comes to choosing a new mini doll, the pet is the deal breaker.

If the pet isn’t appealing in the package then it’s a NO WAY!

So after buying quite a collection and seeing their love for the pets, I decided to heck with those little things….


Ok kids, mommy has  a brilliant idea.

I got out all my supplies and the little pets that they love.

I copied them exactly…. and for the future, snapping pics of the pets and going home to make them.

They are easy as pie!

glue gun
glue sticks
material that matches the pet
stuffingno fray
1. fold the material in half and draw on the top of the 2 pieces the shape of the pet. You can totally just free hand and it really doesn’t have to be perfect. I can’t draw worth beans and I did fine.
2. cut out the 2 pieces of material at the same time so you get exact 2 pieces
3. glue gun the 2 pieces of material together, leaving a small hole to stuff.
4. stuff the little pet
5. glue up the small hole
6. cut the felt into exact shapes of spots, ears, tails ect. then glue them on.
7. glue on buttons for eyes and noses
8. glue on accessories if they have them i.e. scarf9. add no fray to the edges of the pet
Then my friend you are done!
My kids thought it was Christmas morning!!!
They take them everywhere with them and even wake up early before school just to play with them.
All of my materials I had on hand so they cost $0!!
Also, unlimited pets to make!
I’ll be making more and will show you soon!



Cow from Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam
Polar Bear from Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff

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