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What a day. I started the day thinking I was going to get so much done but in reality, I didn’t get anything done. My office looks like a complete safety hazard with papers and products covering all open areas which have really been eating at me. We had been busy putting together the digital Holiday Gift Guide that I haven’t had time to do much of anything other than pile product up here and there. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday over, I thought today I would get everything organized, put away, cleaned up, put in storage, etc… and this is how my day went:

9:00 am – Take kids to school
9:30-10:30 – Buy Scott long sleeve shirts and complete a return at Target
10-45-11:30 – Run to grocery store to pick up dinner and run to Kohls to get Scott more long sleeve shirts
11:45-12:45 – Answer as many emails as I possibly could
12:55-1:55 – work out
2:10-2:40 – eat a quick lunch {first meal of the day…BADDDDD} that consisted of one-half of a cheese sandwich, one serving of baked bbq chips, and a salad.
2:45-4:45 work in office to clean {made a little larger path to my desk} hide some Xmas gifts, did a few things online – while juggling kids and homework
4:45-6:00 – Prep and eat dinner {filet mignon, baked potato, and corn)
6:00-??? kid time, clean up time, bed time….and now it’s 11:46 and I am writing this post with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on my tv.

I always have these good intentions but maybe I put too much pressure on myself to get everything done on my list but my list {like everyone’s I’m sure} is never-ending. With trying to run two businesses, I am finding that I need to be better organized and/or prepared… or hire an assistant {which isn’t in the cards at the moment}. What’s a busy mom of three with two businesses to do? Tomorrow, I AM going to make more progress. I am a productive business owner and mom!  {I am going to use the power of positive thinking…??? That will help, won’t it?}

What do you do to help yourself stay organized throughout the day and especially throughout the holiday? Do you make a list, use an app, have helpers??? What is your secret?

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