Tips for Safe Summer Sports

Alas, the sun has risen, and the chilly days are fading away {well okay not if you live here in Chicagoland- they’ve drifted back into sight}.  The beautiful orange shiny ball reminds us we should be outside to soak-up its beauty and enjoy outdoor activities.  Many children will play: basketball, softball, baseball, tennis, swim, and bike ride, as much as we love that children are outside being active, we also must remain vigilant that they are being safe.  Today we thought we would share a few tips to ensure a safer summer for your family.

  • Sunblock- Make sure you douse those precious little babies {tots-teens} in sunblock.  As much as we benefit from the sun’s vitamin D, the sun’s rays can burn our babies.  It has been reported that adults who obtained a sunburn during their childhood, may be at risk for melanoma.
  • Helmet- Okay, maybe they are not the coolest things in the world, but you know what, it’s cool to not have a head injury.  When your child doesn’t want to wear his or her helmet for bike riding, skateboarding, or even while rollerblading inform him/her that their helmet reduces the risk of serious head and brain injury by 85% (OrthoInfo, 2011).
  • Hydrate- Make sure your little and big athletes are well hydrated to avoid dehydration.  Dehydration may expose the child to other heat related illnesses.
  • Mandatory Breaks- Kids need to take breaks.  During the break have your child grab a drink and stand in the shade or inside for 10-15 minutes. Taking breaks throughout sporting activities during hot summer days will also lower the risk for heat related illnesses.
  • Wear the proper gear- some injuries are 100% preventable.  Make sure your children are wearing their mouth guard, chest guard {if needed}, certified eyewear, all other proper sports equipment for their sporting activity. **Our interview with Dr. Berman is quite informative about the importance of eye safety.**
We hope you have a safe, fun, and happy summer!



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