10 Favorite Summer Foods

My Favorite Summer Foods

Summer is hot {usually} and it brings out a whole different grouping of taste buds.  I don’t like eating heavy things during the summer months so I tend to opt for light foods and *eeks* even more fruits.  And while I love eating things like Beef Stew or homemade chicken noodle soup, I just can’t fathom eating those when it’s 95 degrees outside.  I’d prefer to just eat sandwiches for dinner personally.  BUT, I have a “family” to feed and a very hungry, “I need a meal” husband, so sandwiches every night are just not a huge option.  Once or twice a month I can get away with it, but not every day.  

Summer Foods


Here I am listing ten of my favorite foods that remind me of summer {not listed in any particular order}.


1.   Potato Salad

My mother in law makes the best homemade potato salad.  I have tried a couple times to copy it and you know, it just doesn’t work out for me.  I’ll keep trying though because I am determined to master that one!  It is a fan favorite during the summer and when she makes it, she literally makes like 5 pounds of it and it’s gone in a week!


2.   Green Salad

I tend to want to eat more salads during the summer.  Something about it being light, yet filling and I will eat it more for lunch than dinner.  I’m very basic though, either Romaine or Iceburg lettuce with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese, a few croutons, a slice of red onion and a couple pieces of a cucumber.  For my dressing, I love Ken’s Light Ranch dressing or Kraft Fat-Free Catalina OR Olive Garden’s Light dressing.  So boring, but so yummy.


3.   BBQ —anything

“Nuff said….


4.   Ice Cream Sundae

I love me a big ice cream sundae made at home with all the fun toppings.  I have a cabinet full of sprinkles in every color, shape and size!  Just give me some vanilla ice cream, chocolate or hot fudge topping and a huge squirt of whipped cream topped with sprinkles!  YUM!  Perfect for watching my favorite summer show, Big Brother on CBS!


5.   Strawberry Shortcake

I love making strawberry shortcake parfaits!  Take a tall glass and just layer your angel food cake, strawberries, whipped topping, and oh…that juicy sugary strawberry liquid that is made using sugar, water and strawberries.  OMG to die!


6.   Funnel Cake

Funnel cake screams summer doesn’t it?  Who doesn’t like going to different festivals and scarfing down a plate of funnel cake?  I tried making that at home, and lets just say, I’ll stick to supporting those vendors at local festivals!  I have yet to master that either!


7.   Sweet Corn on the Cob

Sweet corn on the cob fresh from the grill….squeal!  When it’s grilled to perfection it’s the best thing ever!  Corn on the cob dripping with butter and salt. I can taste it already!


8.   Pineapple

It’s just such a summery fruit isn’t it?  I can eat a whole pineapple by myself in one day.  THAT’S how much I love that fruit!  I’m even trying to grow my own!  Did you know you can do that?  Of course, it takes a year or so to actually grow, but I’m testing that one out!  Google it…you’ll see!  You really can grow your own pineapple!


9.   Mom’s Bruschetta Salad  {it’s super easy & I’ll share it sometime!}

Mom makes this for family parties and it’s one of my favorite summer things she makes.  It’s so simple to make and it adds a nice touch to any summer meal.  I’ll be sure to share this one with you because I know I can do this one, it’s just nicer when she makes it for us! 🙂


10. ‘Smores

You can’t go a summer with out indulging in a ‘smore!  It’s impossible!  We’ve even made them using our stove or microwave!  It is a desperate attempt to making it, but it does work!


Now that I’ve shared my favorite summer foods, what are some of yours?





4 thoughts on “10 Favorite Summer Foods

  1. Hub built a smoker and we use it year round. I love smoking on long summer days and enjoying some yummy drinks with dinner on the patio.

  2. You hit on all the classics! Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite!!! It brings me right back to my Grandparent’s House and their go to Summer Dessert! I have also been on a S’mores kick too. For non-desserts I go back and forth between potato and broccoli salad. But this is more my husband’s decision (what he is in the mood for) than my own. I love both!

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