Thursday, November 30, 2023
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    10 Things That Make Me Happy

    This year is a big year for me. I’m turning 50. With that age, for me, comes a lot of self-reflection. It’s less about what I want but more of what I need. What do I need to do or have to make me happy? The honest answer is, I don’t know. Sounds sad, doesn’t it?

    10 Things To Make Me Happy

    10 Things To Make Me Happy

    That said, I have recently (like as of two days ago), decided that from the day I turn 50 to the day I turn 51, I am going to do 50 things that I think will either bring happiness into my life or that I know will make me happy. I have reached the time in my life where I need to stop putting so much focus on what other people think I should do, or what I should say, or how I should say it. Outside influence is toxic no matter the source.

    Some of the things I know for sure I want to do are: *links are affiliate links*

    1. Learn how to speak Italian. I’ve always wanted to learn so now is my chance!
    2. Go to Magnolia Farms in Waco, Tx. Of course, I have to see the empire that Chip & Joanna have built!
    3. Achieve my ideal weight. *This one will be one of my biggest challenges, but I can do it!*
    4. Resign from my job to pursue my passion.
    5. Make homemade pasta noodles.
    6. Write a children’s book on accepting others.
    7. Relearn how to play the piano.
    8. Visit 5 cities in the US * Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, and Phoenix*.
    9. Learn more skills to advance my Virtual Assistant business.
    10. Attend a blogging conference! I’ve never been to one and I really want to go and experience it.

    There are 10 out of 50 things I wish to kick off the next chapter of my life. This next year’s motto will be Take the Adventure; Leave the Fear. I will circle back with the remaining 40 so I can keep track and check things off the list!

    What do you wish to accomplish or do your 50th year here on Earth?

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