10U Plainfield Diamond Kings Baseball Season Has Begun

I have been so busy that I completely forgot to update this website!  My bad!  My son’s season actually started the weekend of Easter.  It was a bit crazy, but we all managed to get everything done for baseball and hosting Easter so all’s well that ended well.  Our first game was on a Wednesday night (April 4, 2012) against the Illinois Edge (Wepfer) in Inwood Park located in Joliet, Illinois.

The boys did a great job for their first game of the season and ended up winning 15-0 in a slaughter rule.  It was exciting and extremely fun to watch.  (Of course it’s fun…when they’re winning, right?)  It was so nice to see each of the boys take their place on the team and you can totally see how much they have grown and matured on the field.  They are much more clean and polished in their plays and their overall behavior has improved.  Again, this was the first game so I am sure we will see more growth and improved behavior as the season plays on.

It was a nice night and with a slaughter win, it was a nice way to start off our 2012 season.