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    12 Reasons Netflix Makes A Great Gift! #Stream Team #Giveaway

    12 Reasons Netflix Makes A Great Gift!

    #StreamTeam #Giveaway

    I have been a part of the Netflix StreamTeam for 3 years.  I can think of many more reasons why Netflix would make a great gift but seeing with the 12 days of Christmas, I figured I’d narrow it down to my top 12 reasons why Netflix would make a great gift.  All answers were a result of me asking my kids why Netflix would be a great gift to give someone and their responses were…..

    12.  Gianna says:  Netflix would make a great gift because you get to chill, relax and watch your favorite movies.  

    11.  Gianna says:  Old movies that you can’t find in the stores anymore or you can’t rent them, Netflix probably has them.

    10.  Alyssa says:  Because I’m anti-social and what else am I suppose to do?

    9.  Alyssa says:   You get a chance to discover new shows that you may not have seen yet.

    8.  Scott says:  Who doesn’t like Netflix?

    7.  Scott says:  Because when your mom makes you go shopping with her, you can bring some headphones and watch Netflix in the car while you wait for her to run in for one thing then come out with 10 bags.  (I totally do that to them too…..)

    6.  I say:  Because I am always coming and going, it’s nice to be able to stop in the middle of a show or movie and not have to worry where I left off, you know like when you watch a DVD once you stop it, it starts from the beginning again!  Hate that!

    5.  I say:  I get to relive old moments and create new ones.  Like when I first watched Gilmore Girls.  I didn’t watch that show when it was on TV so I got to watch it for the first time with my teenage daughter who was going through much of what Rory went through.

    4.  I say:  Because it’s so much cheaper than cable tv!  No joke, with DirecTv, I’m paying $140 a month (because my husband won’t give that up)!  Netflix is so much less than that and I get so much more enjoyment from it!

    3.  I say:  When you’re bored and having nothing to do, Netflix and popcorn go hand in hand!

    2.  I say:  There is a huge variety of shows to choose from!  You can watch a kid friendly show to one that has blood, guts and gore (which totally isn’t for me), or you can watch the nice romantic comedies (more my style), OR you can watch the Netflix Originals!  There is seriously something for every member of your family!

    1.  I say:  There are NO COMMERCIALS!!!  I love that!!!!


    So now that I’ve shared our 12 Reasons Netflix Makes A Great Gift, you have the opportunity to win 6 months free!!!  Even if you already have Netflix, you can add the code to your account and get an additional 6 months for free!!!  And to quote Scott, “Who doesn’t love Netflix”??????

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    1. I don’t really know what I would watch first. I love Criminal Minds and would check to see if that is on there, but I’m sure the kids would be off to see what they could watch on Netflix.

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