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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Shopping Procrastinator!

14 Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for the Shopping Procrastinator

I’ll admit it. I am a big-time procrastinator so buying Valentine’s Day gifts for my husband and my kids are oftentimes last minute and not really thought out. This year I decided to put a little more time (haha, like 2 more weeks) into gift planning. I am also sharing some of the things that I have myself and really think they would make great gifts! Please note that these are affiliate links. It just means if you should make a purchase, I will get a very small commission from Amazon.

1. Pretty in Pink Desk Pad

Take for instance this Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk Pad in pink. Mine is black but when it comes time to upgrade I plan on picking out a colorful one that matches my office decor better. These desk pads are waterproof, easy to clean, protect your desk and are great mousepads!

2. YODA One For Me!

We are super hooked on Star Wars (with good reason!) and when I saw this adorably cute Yoda t-shirt, I thought it would make the perfect gift for a man, woman or child and much to my surprise, it comes in all three options!

3. Let Love Light The Way

I am in love with candles. This personalized Valentine’s gift is a really fun way to share the love by letting love light the way! You get to personalize your candle scent, size, optional gift wrapping, and matches. So, if you are a real procrastinator you can pay a little extra so you don’t have to do anything other than clicking a button!

4. Nothing is Complete without Snoop Dogg!

Cook up that Valentine’s Day meal using the Snoop Dogg, From Crook to Cook, cookbook! I took a peek and the descriptions are alone fantastic! It’s one cookbook that will want to you really get cookin, in more ways than one!

5. Life Would Be Choppy Without You!

These lightsaber chopsticks look so freakin cool, don’t they? I seriously want them in all the colors! I don’t know how to use them but I am guessing if I had these to practice with, I’d get it down pretty quick!

6. Give the Kids Indoor Smores’

We’ve done the whole indoor smores on the stove and it always freaks me out just a little bit. You never know if the lit marshmallow is going to fall off the fork and start a house fire. This microwave smores’ maker seems like the answer to all of our prayers!

7. Strike a Pose!

I try and I try to do yoga poses but I struggle a lot with it. I usually can’t keep up with the instructors so this is a great alternative. Leave your work out up to how you roll the 7 dice included in this unique yoga game.

8. Want a Pizza Me?

What’s more fun than sawing up your pizza? It will make even the un-handiest people handy! This circular saw pizza slicer is sure to get a few laughs! Bring out the inner carpenter! It’s even dishwasher safe!

9. Healthy Dose of Crystal Water

100% Natural Rose Quartz glass water bottle provides natural healing. Rose Quartz provides strength and balance to the heart. So this Valentine’s Day let it help attract love or if necessary, heal that broken heart of yours. It comes in a protective neoprene sleeve.

10. Can You Hear Me Now?

Custom recorded soundwave printed on a polished clear acrylic glass that provides a nice 3D look. You can personalize any message under the soundwave as long as it’s 45 characters or less. You can also pick the color of your soundwaves! This would make for great Valentine’s Day Gifts for multiple family members!

11. It’s Just an Ass Kiss

I had to throw in a funny coffee cup and this one made me laugh out loud. It is definitely something I could hear someone say in my house, and I won’t mention any names!

12. I Pick You!

Everyone could use a new keychain, am I right? Look at yours right now? Get this guitar pick keychain for your guy (or girl) and every day they can see how much you love them.

13. You Nailed It!

I have always loved these nail and string art plaques! I actually would love to learn how to make them on my own, but until that happens, I’ll stick to buying from others! Your significant other will love this red heart string art. Say that 10 times really fast!

14. This is Gorgeous Personalized Art!

When I saw this it brought me back to the days when I was first married and everything was fresh and new. We never did any of the fun stuff like writing our names in the sand, but if we did, I’d love to think this is how it would look. Now you can create a moment that will last forever. This personalized artwork comes in many different styles and sizes (all of which are affordable).

I hope I got you thinking a little bit outside of the proverbial Valentine’s Day Gifts box and you’re able to pick something up quickly for that someone special! Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what you get your significant other (or kids) for Valentine’s Day (if anything).

You can also take a quick peek at the super simple Valentine’s Day flower vase craft that kids of all ages can create!

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