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    Become A Tots To Teens Guest Blogger!

    We know that there is no greater source of information than the information that a parent who has been there can share. We’re asking you to help us share that information with our readers.

    We’re looking for your favorite …well, everything – from vacation spots, pregnancy memories, the best products for baby all the way up to teens, hot family restaurants, the best vehicles for families, safe vehicles for your teen driver, family fun recipes, helpful household tips for organizing and anything else you can think of.

    You can send us the information in the form of a quick write up or a short video. We’ll select some of your submissions, and publish them right here on our online magazine. We’ll also spread the word on our Facebook fan page, and through our Twitter account.

    To be considered, you can email your submissions to and here is a list of important things we will need from you:

    • * First and Last Name (let us know if you’d like us to use your full name, first name & last initial, or just first name)
      * Email Address
      * City and State
      * Optional: Twitter ID (and your permission to promote your submission on Twitter)
      * If readers have questions, how should they contact you? (email, Twitter, Facebook)
      * A picture of yourself, if you’d like to use one
      * A short bio – no more than a couple of sentences

    Now we do have some guidelines and we have to share them with you. Be sure to follow them or we will not accept your submission.

    For all written submissions, the requirements are as follows:

    • * 300-500 words
      * All links relevant to the topic
      * Any pictures you want included in your post

    For all photo submissions, the requirements are as follows:

    • * Up to 3 clear, good quality photos
      * Captions for the photos

    For all video submissions, the requirements are as follows:

    • * 2-5 minutes of video
      * A description, or caption identifying your video
      * Please upload your video to YouTube and send us the embedded link

    Please keep in mind that we will not be able to publish everything that is sent to us, but we will contact you via email if/when your submission is posted.

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