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    2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Call For Submissions

    2017 Holiday Gift Guide

    I am now accepting partner submissions to be included in my annual 2017 holiday gift guide.  You can see my other gift guides and blog posts that I take this time of year seriously.  I will only be including items that my readers will love and appreciate so if you have any of the following items, you are more than welcome to submit them.  I am PR friendly and will be willing to test or share just about anything (within reason that is).

    2017 Holiday Gift Guide

    Products for Tweens * Teens * Him * Her* Pet or Home

    This would include items such as accessories, clothing, footwear, technology, games, electronics, kitchen, tools, food, restaurants, pet toys, decor, home improvement, travel destinations, cars (a girl can dream, can’t she?), and anything else a family of 5 + 2 dogs and a fish could use.

    Please note that I will not be adding any apps, baby or maternity-related products to my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide because it just does not fit with my audience.   Also, due to the complexity of putting together a digital magazine, I am no longer providing this option.  Therefore, all options will be posted on VerifiedMom.com in the way of a round-up, online guide, review or sponsored post.  If you have other suggestions on how we can work together, I would be happy to discuss all opportunities.

    How does my holiday gift guide benefit you?

    I am extremely passionate about the products I love and I like to share that with my readers.  If there is a product I can’t live without, you’ll know about it too.  I share my likes (and dislikes) on social media and I also tell family, friends, and neighbors or anyone who will listen about these select products.  I love word of mouth advertising and I being in the know for new and up and coming products.  It isn’t just about the product though.  If your brand has displayed outstanding customer service, I will be just as excited to spread the word! Top customer service and quality products are what makes my happiest!

    Holiday Gift Guide Options

    Gift Guide Mention Only –  

    With this option, you will be included in my online round-up post.   Generally speaking, it will include one-two sentences about the product.  I will include one image provided by you, share the post to my Facebook Page, tweet about it, share it on Instagram and include it on my Gift Guide 2017 Pinterest board.  It will also include one product (no-follow) link.  This special offer is only $100 and does NOT require the actual product to be sent.  If this option is of interest, contact me!

    Product Review –

    With this option, you are required to send in one, new, full-size product that I (or a family member) can use.  My reviews include my own original photos of the product being used – no stock photos.  The post will include two links (no-follow) to your website.  We will be using the hashtag #VMGifts17 to keep tabs of all our gift guide items.  You also have the option of including a gift for a giveaway.  Giveaway items will be sent directly to the winner by you and you will assume all responsibility for sending it to the winner, along with any shipping and/or fees that are associated with that giveaway prize.  This option requires a $50 (Minimum) full-size, non-returnable product.  If your product submitted is not $50, please let me know and we will see if we can work something else out.  If this option is of interest, contact me!

    Featured Sponsored Post –  

    With this option, you are not required to submit a product as long as it fits in well with my audience.  You are required to send me two product images, 2 links that will be no-follow links, and your key message.  I will create the advertorial just for you and your brand.  You will also be included in my gift guide newsletter and will be shared on all my social media platforms.  The rate for this option is $250.  If this option is of interest to you, contact me!


    I will not accept submissions after December 10, 2017.  I like to have all my products and advertorial materials well in advance so I can plan dates and giveaways appropriately.  There is nothing worse than winning a giveaway when there are only 2 days until Christmas.  Timing is everything when it comes to holiday gift guides!


    New, “in the box”, full-size products are required for Product Reviews only and they are NON-RETURNABLE.  That means, once you send it to me, it will not be returned to you.  I will only be including items that I know my readers will love and appreciate.  I am also keeping this gift guide in line with my disclosure policy and even though I am being paid for including these items in my gift guide, I am picky and only share the items that I truly love and think you’ll love too!



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