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    5 Things You Can’t Live Without #NovemberBlogChallenge

    This topic was a hard one for me. I apparently like a lot of material things and that doesn’t sound too good, does it? There are things that I can’t live without, like my mom & dad, my husband, my kids, close friends, and my pets. But, I do have certain material things that I just can’t simply imagine my life without. And, they are extremely random!

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    A Cell Phone

    If you are human, it’s almost hard to believe that you wouldn’t have a cell phone. The cell phone is many things all rolled into one. It’s a communication device, a personal computer, a calendar, a calculator, camera, notepad, address book, alarm, a gaming system and so much more. How could one say that is one thing they’d rather live without? BTW, I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I’m looking to upgrade in a couple of months! Yay!

    Ninja 4-in-1 Cooking System

    This is the best cooking system I have used. I can use it as a slow cooker, stovetop, oven, and steamer! It even has a warm setting so you can keep your food warm as long as you need to.

    The Ninja 4-in-1 cooking system has a triple fusion heat, which basically means it has three areas for heat, bottom, side, and steam. For for the oven you can set the programmable time and temp. Sear meat, no prob! Slow cook, for sure! Fresh steamed veggies in a matter of minutes!

    With a 6 quart pot, it’s plenty big! That’s a lot of chili! The pot is lightweight, dishwasher safe and is non-stick! It’s seriously the easiest thing to clean! You don’t even need liners!

    Love My Vionics

    About 5 years ago I developed plantar fasciitis. It sucked. I had it for no joke, 4 years straight! To this day, after many, many shots of cortisone, I am finally at a place where it doesn’t constantly hurt to walk. With the shots, I also changed the type of shoes I wear. I asked some friends on Facebook and the Vionic shoe was suggested to have helped them so I thought I’d give it a try. It was summer and I needed my flip flops. I seriously could live in flip flops year-round if it wasn’t snowing and below zero. I invest in two new pairs of Vionic shoes ever year. I get a flip flop and a gym shoe or other casual type tennis shoe or boot.

    After experiencing the pain I have felt, I no longer want to get that bad. It’s worth it to me to spend whatever I need to to avoid getting another cortisone shot! Those suckers HURT!

    Humidify the air!

    The Air Innovations humidifier takes the cake! It is probably one of the best things I have to help me sleep at night. I love the long arm with the dual-direction mist nozzle. I literally have it pointed right at my face while I’m sleeping. I do have to tell you though, the way to keep it from blowing out that ever-loving white dust is to use distilled water! We have extremely hard water and I noticed that with using this particular humidifier (and probably others) that it works best with distilled water. I haven’t had any mold appear, white dust, clogging, calcification, nothing! I liked it so much I have two others, one for the hall upstairs and one for the family room downstairs. It seems silly to include this one my list but I really cannot breathe without a humidifier and this is the best one I’ve tried!

    IT Cosmetics

    I tried the It Cosmetics CC + Illumination Color Correcting Cream SPF 50 + Anti-aging hydrating serum one day after watching QVC and I had to try it. As I get older, my skin has been changing; it’s so dry! I put a couple of little dabs of the serum on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and used a foundation brush to apply it. It covered every.thing.on.my.face! I was shocked that it evened out my skin tone, covered things that needed covering (like age spots, freckles, and even a bit of melasma that I have on my jawline). This reminds me, I need to get to that dermatologist! Anyway, this is my favorite foundation. I never leave the house without wearing it!

    There ya have it. Like I said, my list is quite random but they are things that after trying, I know I would be lost without them!

    What about you? What are the 5 things you couldn’t live without?

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