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    5 Tips to Keeping Your Cool with Co-Workers

    Keeping Your Cool With Co-Workers from Hell

    If there’s anything most of us have to do, it’s work with other people.  Not by our choice, but because we have to.  But what happens when you don’t really care for the people you’re working with day in and day out?  It certainly makes for a long ass day, doesn’t it?  It leaves you dreading the day and counting the minutes until you can go home.  You know, they are the narcissistic, self-righteous, right fighters {as Dr. Phil says} people you just love to hate.  So, how does one get through the day with their co-workers from Hell?  Well, I have come up with 5 tips for you.

    1.  Remind yourself why you are working there in the first place.  Is it to gain experience?  Is it to advance your career in some way, shape or form?  OR….are you working to pay for a car payment that you needed because your husbands truck was on it’s last leg and you had no other choice than to strap yourself down with a car payment for the next 6 fucking years?

    2.  Once you’ve reminded yourself why you are still working there, make sure your pockets are stuffed with the Dollar Tree mints.  You know the ones that are red and white stripes with the white center?  Why do you want to stuff your pockets with them?  It’s simple.  If you have a mouth full of mints, you can’t be blamed for saying “shut the fuck up”, or something that no one but you can understand.  Try it.  Stick a handful of mints in your mouth and try to talk…you may look like an idiot and sound like one, but no one will ever know what you’re trying to say and you’ll feel so much better getting it out of your system.

    3.  Pick up a crystal stone and carry it in your pocket.  Just be careful not to stick that in your mouth when you go to grab your handful of mints.  We wouldn’t want you to crack a tooth.  But if you stick a crystal stone that is smooth in your pocket, it’s a solid item that you can connect with that will help to calm you down.  I have a small gold crystal stone that I purchased at this beads & gifts {smoke shop} store in town and I swear, when I hold it between my thumb and index finger and just feel the soft edges of the stone, it has calming and relaxing features.  It takes me mentally away from the situation and makes me feel one with the earth.  Then I go back to remembering #1, it’s a car payment and I’m not there to make friends.  I have enough of those.  If that doesn’t help, you can always chuck the crystal at their head.

    4.  Bring ear plugs to work and actually use them, unless your job requires you to answer a phone or something.  That would be bad business practice to ignore your office calls.  BUT, if you don’t need to worry about that, like me, you’ll grow to treasure those ear plugs.  If anyone asks why you are wearing them, just say you have an ear infection and they make your ears feel better.  Who’s going to argue with you?  For God-sakes tune that co-workers voice out of your head.  The less you hear, the less you have to stress over, right?  I mean, my daughter told me to just tell the witch to shut her trap.  I’d rather just wear ear plugs and make her think I actually give a shit, which reminds me, learn not to give a shit.  As I mentioned, you are there to do a job.  As long as you are doing your job to the best of your ability, you’re probably worrying about something that doesn’t necessarily need you stressing over.  You’re probably wasting good energy on someone who isn’t even worth it in the end.

    5.  And, when you are done with 1-4, make sure you place the co-worker from Hell on your Facebook Restricted list so they can’t stalk your Facebook wall; cause you know they are all over your wall looking for things to talk about behind your back.  And, if they do try to stalk your account, they will only see what you have posted as Public.  {Note to self…never post anything public!}    Last thing you want is to be Facebook friends with someone you can’t stand.  It’s not good for your health, just remember that.  And again, you’re not there to make friends, you have enough of those too, right?  Just go in to work and get your work done and leave!

    Those are a handful of suggestions I have for you to try to get through the day with a person you can’t stand to work with.  Granted, I have the opportunity to distance myself from my Hellish co-worker, but in the event that I can’t, like tomorrow, my pockets will be stacked with mints and a crystal!

    What suggestions do you have for working with people that you cannot stand to be around, whatsoever?


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