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56 Incredible Chili Recipes Guaranteed to Warm Your Soul


As soon as the fall season hits, my mind goes into full on crockpot mode.  There is nothing greater than dumping ingredients into a pot and have it magically turn into a fully cooked meal.  I love when you return home, open the door, and instantly get a whiff of that amazing aroma that makes your nose hairs dance.  When I think of fall, I also think of my chili recipe.  Chili recipes are the ones that just warms you up from the inside out.  It reminds me of gathering at a friends house, fires in the fireplace, football games, tailgating, and flannels.  

Chili warms my soul so, I have gathered 55 simple chili recipes guaranteed to warm your soul too.  Some are crockpot, others are not, but they are all amazing chili recipes shared by fellow bloggers from around the world.


56 chili recipes guaranteed to warm your soul
Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa Chili 
Simple White Chicken Chili Recipe 
Chicken Chili Recipe 
Slow Cooker Pumpkin Turkey Chili Recipe 
Vegetarian Crockpot Chili with Bulgur Wheat Recipe 
Easy and Healthy Chili Recipe 
Slow Cooker White Chili with Avocado Cream 
Crock-Pot Crazy Pineapple Chili 
Quick Stovetop Vegetarian Chili with Red Peppers, Corn & Black Beans 
Game Day Chili 

Best Ever Chili Recipe 
Veggie Chili Recipe 
Ground Chicken Pumpkin Chili with Roasted Veggies (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free) 
Spicy Bean Chili 
Paleo Turkey Sweet Potato Chili (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free) 
Ground Turkey & Pinto Bean White Chili with Lime 
Quick Fix Turkey Chili 
Meatball Chili Recipe 
Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe 
White Bean Chicken Chili 

Chicken Chili 
White Chicken Chili 
Slow Cooker Creamy Turkey & Butternut Squash Chili 
White Chicken Chili – Lightened Up 
Italian Winter Squash Chili 
Easy Butternut Squash & Beef Chili 
Ground Pork Chili Macaroni Soup 
6 Ingredient Crock Pot Chili 
Easy Crockpot Turkey Veggie Chili
 Crockpot Drunk Deer (or Beef) Chili

 Crockpot Veggie Quinoa Chili
 Jalapeno Popper Turkey Chili
 Cincinnati Chili
 Vegetable Chili
 Easy White Chicken Chili
 30 Minute One Pot Chili
 Slow Cooker Black Bean Butternut Squash Chili
 Hearty Beef & Chorizo Chili
 White Chicken Chili Recipe
 Mexican Style Chicken Chili

 Chili Mac
 Pinto Bean Chili
 Chili Corn Bread Cups
 Thick & Creamy White Chicken Chili
 Italian Sausage Chili
 Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili
 Crockpot Black Bean Chili
 Easy Game Day Chili with Bob Evans Sausage
 One-Pot Turkey Chili
 Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chili

 Vegan Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Chili
 Slow Cooker Vegan Chili with Mango
 Slow Cooker Chili Cheese Dog Chili
 Crockpot Beef Chili
 Crockpot Southwest Chicken Chili
 Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

I hope you find a recipe that speaks to you.  There are so many good chili recipes to choose from so, I hope you pin the image below for future use!  I also hope you’ll drop by again and let me know which ones you try and how you like it! 🙂

Keep warm by eating chili!  (Pun intended!)



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