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    7 Hot Tech Gifts for Kids this Holiday Season

    We are a high tech family, well most of us in the family are technological while one person struggles, so this time of the year is probably our favorite!  Black Friday and all the holiday shopping hype gets us pumped up for all the amazing deals you can score on some of the hottest electronics on the market.  The following is just a short list of what is on my kids holiday wish list.  They range in price from $5 to $300.  How techie are your kids?  What about you?   


    Tech Guide for Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    What’s on this list?  Please keep in mind that the links you are about to see are affiliate links.  They do help me out, especially during the holiday season when there are many gifts to buy!

    Top 7 Tech Gifts for Kids

    Go Retro Portable gaming available at Kohls lets you get that “vintage” feel for gaming.  Now you can dazzle your kids and blow their minds since you actually know how to play these kinds of games!  Bring on Tetris!

    Let the AuraLED light sets brighten up your room, or your kids room.  They are a lot of fun and allow you to make 16 different color selections with 4 mood light settings.  My son has them going down the walls in three corners of his room.  You can have so much fun with these and place them all around your home for a fun and funky vibe!

    What kid doesn’t want the Nintendo – Switch?  My son is 17 and still wants one!  I have yet to cave and buy it, mainly because he has so many other gaming devices does he need one more?  Gamers would say yes.  I might buy one for his 18th birthday if he’s still interested, mainly because he wants a new gaming keyboard such as the K70 RGB M.K2 by Corsair.  He is also going to be getting a new turntable like the Sony turntable as shown.

    The Sony Sound Bar is a great way to enhance your listening pleasure.  It’s my guess that they are all the rage this year and you should have one on your tv.  It’s great because it can use bluetooth to connect to your phone and other devices for optimal listening. 

    And last but certainly not least are the PuroSound BT2200 kids headphones.  These were just named the Best Kids Headphone by and USA Today!  They have a really nice, rich, Cool Gray color available.  The Puro headphones are designed to deliver superior sound while limiting the volume so it doesn’t cause damage to hearing. Great quality, amazing price!  These simply can’t be beat!

    Welp, there you have it, my top 7 gifts to give your tween or teen this holiday season that won’t completely break the bank!  

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