2017 Holiday Gift Guide Featured

2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Call For Submissions

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

I am now accepting partner submissions to be included in my annual 2017 holiday gift guide.  You can see my other gift guides and blog posts that I take this time of year seriously.  I will only be including items that my readers will love and appreciate so if you have any of the following items, you are more than welcome to submit them.  I am PR friendly and will be … Continue Reading...

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Here is my little 2016 Holiday gift guide for kids. There are 6-holiday gifts that I am sharing that I think are super fun for girls or boys, little ones or big ones. These gifts will allow kids to use their imagination in more ways than one. They can get creative, explore with STEM and get some eye-hand coordination going. I tried to find a little something different for kids.  Don’t forget to check out … Continue Reading...

Verified Mom is now accepting Holiday Gift Guide Submissions for 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 ~Now Accepting Submissions~

Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

Verified Mom and a good Holiday Gift Guide go hand in hand.  With that, I am now accepting partner submissions to be included in my annual holiday gift guide.  You can see here by my other gift guides and here by my other blog posts that I take this time of year quite seriously.

I will only be including items that my readers will appreciate so if you have any … Continue Reading...

Holiday Gift List for the Sport and Game Minded Tween/Teen

Holiday Gift List for the Sport and Game Minded Teen

 Holiday Gift List for the Sport and Game Minded Teen

Holiday Gift List for the Sport and Game Minded Teen
Gianna grew over the last year so she needs bigger size Eagles wear & more gaming gear!


As you may know by reading my site here, my youngest daughter is quite the sporty gamer.  I thought I would put together a quick holiday gift list for the sport and game minded teen.  These are the suggestions that I had received when I asked my … Continue Reading...

#MerryBlogmas Giveaway 2014

#MerryBlogmas Holiday Gift Card Giveaway!

#MerryBlogmas Giveaway 2014

That’s right! Myself along with 11 other bloggers are hosting this fantabulous gift card giveaway to one lucky winner! In addition to the giveaway, we will also be hosting a Twitter chat this Sunday, December 7th at 6pm PST/9pm EST. For us central time zone folks, that would be 8pm CST. We will have fun I’m sure… I mean, you get 12 women together, there has to be major laughs! You can find us … Continue Reading...

Gamers Holiday Gift Idea

Gamers Wish List – 10 Holiday Gifts for a teen boy #MerryBlogmas

Ultimate Gamers Wish List for Teen Boys

This is a huge wish list…a pricy wish list and this is the exact wish list that my son {13} presented me with after asking him the simple question, “What do you want for Christmas this year?”. I almost had a slight heart attack when he started texting my photos of what he wanted. He does have plans to become a professional gamer one day so I guess … Continue Reading...

#T2TMag 2014 Digital Holiday Gift Guide

After many, many hours of working on the annual digital holiday gift guide, I am happy to announce it is completed and is now viewable online! This guide showcases a variety of different products and there is a little something in it for every member of your family. I want to thank all the companies that shared their product information with us, some we have tested, some we have not, but all in all, these … Continue Reading...

Holiday Gifts in Review

We had the pleasure of testing and reviewing some great products when considering what to put into our Annual Holiday Gift Guide. Now, we’d like to break it down and show off 3 of our favorites and include a fabulous giveaway at the end, so read on!!

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader


The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader is one of our favorite tech items for foodies.  It is so much fun to explore new recipes, … Continue Reading...

Call for Product Submissions for our “2013’s Best of the Best” Holiday Gift Guide {digital issue}

Do you have a product of your own that you just know is going to be a holiday hit?  Do you know a company that makes a product that you just couldn’t live without?  We are looking for new, trendy, unique, original, must-have products.  We are looking for  2013’s “The Best of the Best” products that we can feature in our highly anticipated digital guide.  For past issues please visit our digital guide page.… Continue Reading...

Accepting Products For Our Annual Holiday Gift Guide

We are busy planning and preparing for the busiest time of the year!  The gift giving season will soon be under way and we would like to share with our readers the best holiday gift ideas and products on the market.  Our highly anticipated 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is one that simply cannot be missed! We will be featuring products that are appropriate for every age group including:

  • Toddlers to Teens {Girls & Boys}
  • Moms
Continue Reading...

Holiday Gift Feature: Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions of Van Halen

What tot doesn’t love music, but do we {parents} always want to listen to “their” music?  I love a good lullaby but what I enjoy better… is a Rockabye!  I found Rockabye Baby one day on accident.  How? I was surfing YouTube looking for covers and I found a cover in the form of a lullaby.  I had to hear more so I found more lullaby covers and fell in love.

When Rockabye BabyContinue Reading...

Holiday Gift Feature: Doctor Drill ‘N Fill


If you don’t have this Play-Doh set yet you’ll be hearing about it this Holiday. This set is sure to be on many lists this year.  The Doctor Drill ‘N Fill set includes an electric drill ( 2 “AA” batteries needed), tweezers, dentist tool, braces roller, tooth brush presser, 3 cans of Play Doh, and of the base.  The kids love to make braces with sparkly gray play-doh. I  myself love Play-Doh so it would … Continue Reading...

Holiday Gift Feature: Sock n Boots

When we first heard the name of this book, we knew it was going to be a cute, well written story for both parents and children and we were so right! Sock n Boots Adventures by D.K. Smith is an adorable compilation of three stories teaching children various life lessons as they experience them. Sock and Boots are best friends who are faced with different childhood situations. Each story begins with asking a question. This … Continue Reading...

Holiday Gift Feature: Rockboard Scooter

At Tots To Teens Magazine we will be featuring one company or product (daily from now until Christmas) that we feel would be excellent Christmas gifts for your children OR yourself! This would definitely be one of them! The Rockboard Scooter is going to make a great gift for any child (or adult). This scooter isn’t just your ordinary scooter, it is a 2-in-1 scooter that will get your child up and moving! Gone away … Continue Reading...

Our 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide has arrived!

I would first like to thank all the volunteer writers and editors that we have working here at Tots To Teens Magazine. With out them, this truly would not have been the same.

Jenny Reed, Travel Editor and owner of Our Cruise Planner
Alyssa Pometta, Teen Editor and owner of Celebrity Teen Blog
Lisa Yaker, Fashion & Style Editor and owner of jYOUlry
Natalie Clause, Party & Entertainment Editor and owner of Southern Belle’s CharmContinue Reading...

Want to be a part of our Holiday Gift Guide?

It is only August, but we are thinking winter and with winter comes the holidays and with the holidays come Holiday Gift Guides!  Tots To Teens Magazine is getting ready to work on it’s 2nd Annual Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide and we want nothing more than to feature top of the line, unique, fun, trendy products!  So, we are sending out a message to all of our readers who either make a product, have developed … Continue Reading...

Holiday Gift Guide Coming Soon!

I have had a lot of requests to put together a gift guide for the holidays and that is exactly what I am going to be doing! Ask and you shall receive, right? So this is the dealio with the guide. I will have 6 categories that will offer you information on what are the hottest, the most unique, and best yet, affordable products on the market. The products we will be featuring will cover … Continue Reading...

3 Gifts For the Guy in Your Life

3 gifts for the guy in your life for the holidays

Gifts for the guy in your life? Thinking about that, does it make you panic and think you have no idea what to give the guy in your life? I always try to find things that he will like and when I saw these three items it instantly made me think of comfort. Comfort is something that we sometimes take for granted but I want to find products that will remind my guy of that … Continue Reading...