A day in the life of….

I am a stay at home mom and to many people that means sitting around watching TV and playing all day with my children. 🙂 I wish! How much fun would that be??? My husband is one also to think this way. For some reason he thinks a little fairy comes in to do the dishes and laundry. But, here is just a little sampling of what I do during the day while at home. (I usually watch another little boy during the day but he is out sick this week.)

6:00am – Alarm sounds. SNOOZE!

6:09 – Alarm sounds. SNOOZE!

6:14 – Alarm sounds. Time to get up! Head down stairs to let dogs outside and start making Braden’s lunch for school.

Pack up his notebook, back pack, and make sure he has all items for school.

6:30 – Wake Braden up and start breakfast. Usually something quick and easy

6:50 – Clean up from breakfast. Head upstairs to clean braden up, help him brush teeth, and help  get him dressed.

7:00 – Check on Blake, was still sleeping this morning. 🙂 Then wake hubby up so he can watch Blake while we head to school. Get myself dressed and ready for the day.

7:14 – Wait while Braden gets his shoes on and load up into the car. Drive the really long 2min drive to school.

7:16 – Park, get out and walk him to the door. He prefers me to walk him and I will hold on to this as long as I can.

7:25 – Home and make Blake breakfast and begin unloading the dishes from the dishwasher then load it again.

7:45 – Clean up from the 2nd breakfast and clean Blake up.

8:00 – Clean down stairs bathroom, clean boys bathroom upstairs.

8:30 – Vacuum living room, clean yellow marker off the walls, clean green marker off the carpet.

9:00 – Work on 11 picture frames for Bradens basketball team

9:45a – Craft up a sign order from Etsy.

10:00 – Snack and break time.

10:30 – Pack up and head to run some errands.

Gas station, bank, and lunch at McDonalds.

11:15 – Home to watch My Little Pony. 🙂

12:00pm – NAPTIME!!! For Blake anyway. Sometimes that can be a struggle.

Finally I actually get to sit down in piece and quiet for just a little bit. But that is short lived cause it’s time to respond to emails, schedule dentist appointments, and maybe catch up on a show.

2:00 – Naptime is over. 🙁 But, its snack time for Blake

2:45 – Time to make the trek back to the school to pick up Braden. School doesn’t let out until 3:05, but if I don’t leave now, I will lose my awesome parking spot right in front of the school. I walk to the door to get him after as well. The spot is easiest to get in, get him  and get out in under 5min.

3:15 – Snack time. Home work time and we all relax and watch a movie. Today it is UP.

4:30 – Time to start dinner while boys finish the movie. Tonight it’s lasagna roll ups with garlic bread.

5:30 – Hubby comes home and we all sit down to eat dinner.

6:15 – Clean up from dinner and get the boys into bath or shower.

6:45 – Read a few bedtime stories

7:00 – Bedtime for the boys.

7:30 – Usually this time is for me to catch up on emails, blog posts, orders, etc. But, tonight my husband bought Argo and I have been wanting to see it. So, we sit down with our own cookies and milk and watch a movie.

10:00 – Time for a little news and off to bed.

That is just a basic run down of what I did this day. Not all days are the same. For instance, as I type this, the boys are eating breakfast and Braden is going to have to miss school today because of an eye issue. 🙁 Heading back to the pedi this morning.