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    {A-Z} B is for Baseball

    B is for Baseball


    opening day baseball


    Baseball season is approaching rather quickly however it doesn’t seem as if the weather knows about this big momentous opening day occasion!  Baseball season for a mom is quite challenging.  Make that traveling baseball…that’s even more challenging!  This is our 4th year and I finally think I have the situation under control!  There are so many factors that go into each game.  Let me share a little checklist…however, I may miss something {I am human after all}, so if you can think of anything to add to the list, please feel free to share what you know!


    1.  Plan meals in advance should you need to be at the field before your normally scheduled dinner time.  There are days where my son needs to be at the field at 4:45pm on a Friday.  That doesn’t seem too horribly bad, however, when they are still in school, it does make sense to install a revolving door in your home.  On days that he does have to be there early, those are the days I use my crock pot or make fast quick meals such as taco’s or spaghetti.


    2.  Be sure to pack your car early enough so you don’t forget anything…like chairs!  Forgetting your chairs and having to sit on the bleachers for who knows how long is hard on your rear, back, shoulders and neck!  If it’s still cold out {like this Friday is our opening day… it’s going to be in the 40’s, doesn’t that sound like fun…NOT!}, make sure you have enough blankets to cover you from head to toe!


    3.  Pick up packages of Hand & Feet Warmers!  You’ll need those at the beginning of the season!  You can usually find those for $1.00 each at the Target dollar spot during the winter months.


    4.  Make sure your rolling cooler is in good condition, cleaned and ready to fill!  There is nothing worse than realizing you need a new cooler the day you’re planning on being at the field all day long!  I love the ones on wheels just because it makes transporting them so much easier…and you can pile your bag of blankets on top!


    5.  Prepare your take along foods the night before.  If you know you will be at the field all day, make sure you have enough food to last the whole day.  The last thing you want to do is spend $1.50 for a bottle of water when you know you have a whole case sitting in your garage!  Cut all fruits and veggies and put them in easy stackable containers so you utilize your cooler space.  I love using my cheapo containers that I picked up at WalMart one day, they are the best.  I also have a great food container for my salad!  It is divided and has a spot for my dressing and my cheese or croutons because you know they get a little mushy when sitting in the lettuce all day!


    6.  Freeze your water bottles!  If you freeze them, lay them on their sides.  That removes the need to fill your cooler with ice!  All you have to do is arrange your food and water bottles so that everything is nice and tight and touching!  Be sure to park your cooler in a shady spot too!


    7.  Bring extra change for the concession stand and be sure to tell your child/ren that you are only allowed $3.00 {or what ever you select} for concession food so make sure you know exactly what you want because you aren’t going to be spending $100 there!


    8.  Don’t forget your “good” camera!  You know the day you “forget” to bring it, it will be the day your son hits a home run that you have no photos of!  I did that once!  Then you’re scrambling trying to find out who took some photos on their cell for you, just so you have something to remember the moment with!


    9.  Make sure you know where you’re going!  Plan your route the night before and plan for re-routings and getting lost!  Half the time the GPS is messed up and we end up later then we normally would be!  Never rely on Google Maps alone!  Carpool if you can!  It’s a lot easier!


    10.  Be prepared to scream and cheer!  Your son probably isn’t paying attention to you anyway, so go ahead and have fun!  And…bring some throat lozenges!  Speaking of which, if any of your children need medication, be prepared, have a stash of childrens advil, benedryl, bandaids, ice pack, contact solution, glasses, etc… you need to be prepared for any situation!


    11.  And for Pete’s Sake!  DO NOT forget your sons baseball bag or cleats!!!  It really does suck to have to turn around so that you can run back in the house to find cleats! BTDT!


    I hope that helps a bit to get you a little more organized for your sons {or daughters} baseball season!  I am looking forward to sitting in the sun and enjoying the days with my family and baseball friends!  Bring on Baseball!!!!



      • No, I’m not that creative with my images! 🙂 T-ball is where it all starts! Enjoy the experience! Some kids like it, some don’t, but for those who do, travel baseball is very exciting and very fast-paced! Our season goes from April 4 – mid July! It’s just about every weekend and it’s very time consuming and during that those months, it’s crazy in my house on baseball day! :-O Good luck to you and your little guy!

    1. So you’ve just given me a glimpse into my future. My son is 4 and is getting involved in sports now. I’m sure baseball is in the cards for our family!

      • Luckily for me, this is the only sport being played in my house right now. My oldest is a singer and doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body, my boy is in baseball and wants to try out for the middle school basketball team next year, and then my youngest, she’s extremely active and will probably be a part of every sport in the book at some point! 🙂 Already we’ve done gymnastics, and softball. This fall it will be the boys baseball team, then basketball. I’m tired just thinking about her future! LOL Have fun playing ball! 🙂

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