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J is for Joy

Joy atozchallenge


I was recently asked “What brings you joy?” and I had to stop and really think about that question.  What does bring me joy?  I mean, I am happy on a day to day basis.  I try to make each day count.  I try to better myself with every thought.  I try to live my life to the fullest {as full as a mom with three kids can live}, and I try to brighten the days of others by offering a smile, wave, or doing something friendly.  But, what brings me joy?  Does all that bring me joy or is it something else that satisfies that emotion?


When you really think about it, what brings you joy?  For me, I think it’s my kids.  As many times as they make me want to pull my hair out, or as many times as they make me want to scream at the top of my lungs, they are my joy.


My children bring me joy on a daily basis.  My oldest brings me joy with her beautiful singing voice.  My son brings me joy with his humorous ways, and my youngest brings me joy with her youthful and carefree outlook on life.  In a way, they bring me all the joy one would ever need.  The saying holds true for me, that there is nothing more powerful than a mothers love for a child.  I’d like to say they could do no wrong in my eyes, but that would just be a flat out lie, lol.  They have their fair share of wrongs, but their rights far outweigh their wrongs at this stage in their lives.  I can’t imagine my life without each one.  They bring me joy, true & pure joy.


How about you?  What brings you joy?



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