{A-Z} T is for Toes

T is for Toes –Baby TOES!




Ok, so I’m actually focusing on baby feet, not really toes, but since the feet are attached to the toes, that’l do!  I became a mom when I was 30.  Then I had two more kids three years apart.  So by the time I was 36 I had three children newborn, 3 & 6.   I remember when they were little just loving their sweet lil baby feet.  You know, you new moms probably do it too, but I used to stick their little toes to my lips and kiss them to tickle them and they would just sit there and coo and giggle and to this day I could hear their sweet baby laughter and their faces as they laughed.  


Then, somehow they start getting older and their cute baby feet and toes, turn into kid feet and toes and you are less likely to put them to your nose or lips, but you still find them adorable and love to just tickle tickle tickle them….am I right?  Then all of a sudden, they turn into huge ham-hock feet and toes and there is no way on Gods green Earth are you sticking them anywhere NEAR your face!  If you have a boy {or a sweaty girl}, they take on their own scent and it’s one that you wish you didn’t have to smell.  

Why is it that cute lil baby toes have to turn into huge wo/man feet?  I mean, I know they have to…otherwise we’d all look really funny with baby feet on our big adult bodies, but just looking at that photo makes me long for the oh so sweet…baby feet!!  Instead, I’ll just look at my tween & two teens feet with disgust! LOL


If you have older kids, what about their baby-hood do you miss?  New mama’s what moments are you treasuring most?

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  1. Oh yes – baby feet are so adorable! I love that picture you posted!! I’m not sure when my daughter’s feet became a toxic disaster zone – she’s 16 and a dancer. Smelly feet don’t faze those girls at all, it’s almost like a badge of honor. Yuck!

    Lisa @ Tales from the Love Shaque

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