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    {A-Z} X is for X-Box

    X is for X-Box


    This is what I see when I go upstairs to check on my youngest. She’s playing Minecraft, her favorite game ever! It’s a sight I thought I’d only see with my son but it’s been handed down or passed over to her like it was the Olympic torch. My son graduated from X-Box and saved his money so he can buy himself a Playstation 3 (before there was a PS4). She’s always “playing with her friends” when I ask her who she’s talking to. I’m usually the “mean” one who tells her it’s time for bed but I don’t understand how parents can just let their kids play endlessly. On school nights I limited their game playing to before dinner. Once dinner is over, no more video games, period! On the weekend I’m a bit more lenient but still, I make them get off early otherwise they will play continuously and endlessly if I don’t intervene! We don’t have a set time limit per day or week but it is monitored by me & it works for us.

    Do your kids (haha or significant other) have X-Box (or PS3-4) and do they have a daily or weekly time limit?


    1. My boyfriend has an Xbox 360, a wii, a play station 3 and 4, an Xbox One, and a 3ds. All except the One were bought with his own money (the One was a Christmas present from me) and he either bought all of his games or they were gifts. I don’t really care when he plays. Before I moved in, he played a lot more, but now we do things together more often than not. He usually plays when I’m working and I’m usually online when he’s working, so when we’re both home, its usually things like Netflix and just hanging out.

    2. We don’t necessarily set limits or rules on video games or screen time. We probably would if our kids didn’t choose other things (crafts, reading, etc) on their own.

      We do love playing the XBox360 as a family because some of the games are good for everyone!


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