I am a wife & mom.  Wife-hood and Motherhood hasn’t necessarily been easy but we are all here, healthy and alive so that’s all I can ask for.  We live modestly.   Have an 11 year old van with about 200,000 miles on it and a new car that we completely overpaid for and honestly, I regret purchasing it.  Our home is now 13 years old and things are starting to fall apart.  We’ll soon need to replace our carpet, furniture, kitchen appliances, and maybe at some point I’ll be able to get a whole home water softener and air purifier/humidifier.  Perhaps I can even get some drapery in my living room, that’d be nice.  OR, even better, new pots and pans!  Ah, now we’re talking!

We love our electronics!  I mean, who doesn’t love electronics?

We love sports, all kinds!

We love to go out to eat.  Primarily because we don’t do it very often since it’s usually over $75 for the 5 of us to eat.

We love movies and music.

We are not big on exercise, other than bowling and swimming.  We like those.

We do try to eat as best as we can, even though I do love to bake.  That’s my passion.  Baking.

We love candles and incense.

We love pizza.

We are very opinionated too.

I’m sure you’ll love us! 😉