Hi there!  Welcome to Verified Mom!

I started this blog as a way to release my creative side.  I’ve always enjoyed writing but since I became a mom, I’ve sort of lost some of that creative spirit.  I am using this blog as a way for me to “find my voice” and rediscover what I enjoy doing and who I am as a person, not just a mom.  I’ve been married since 1995 and we have three children ages 14, 17 & 20.   We have a two furry family members who loves to lay around and sleep, much like me on my days off!  I love to travel and I don’t think I do enough of that.  I live with and deal with anxiety on a daily basis.   I have lost my edge since becoming a stay at home mom 17 years ago.  I love having garage sales (I make killer dough with them), couponing (because kids are expensive), shopping (because kids grow constantly), hosting parties {though I never seem to have many anymore}, going to movies,  and of course, baking and cooking for my family.  I am a HUGE reality tv junkie and consider myself to be a Real Housewife minus all the glitz and glamour. Big Brother is my favorite summer guilty pleasure reality show!  I also found a new lover for my crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, and meditating!  I think I’m becoming slightly woo-woo!

I have many aspirations; to be an organized mom/person, to love exercising (HA), and travel the world.  

What can you expect to read here?  I will be sharing just about every area of my life in its current state.  I will also share local events, product reviews, all my  (attempted) DIY projects, my many attempts at being organized, and of course, my journey with relationships and parenting.