Adventures in Babysitting

So, after much thought and consideration, I left my part time job at the preschool to be able to spend more time at home with my 3 year old son. He was just not adjusting well there and was constantly sick. So, here I am. A stay at home mom once again. I love staying at home and is a very hard job but it’s for me. What I was meant to do. But, we still had that burden of money. My husband makes enough money for all the bills but no extra. Thankfully both our cars are paid off and we have no credit card debt either. So, house, utilities, cable, cell phones, etc. But, there is not enough for gas, groceries, and extra fun money. I do have a little extra coming in from my home business which is fantastic. However, that is very unpredictable. So, I decided to watch one little boy from home a few hours a day during the week. That will give me the extra money we need for the little things.

7 hours a day, 5 days a week. That is all. I can do this right??? Right?? Hmmmm… Right? Looking after my own is one thing. But, another child may prove to be a challenge. He was raised with a different parenting style and different manners then my own. I will have to adapt and become more patient, more understanding, more open to new styles of parenting. While it took me 5 years to get my oldest to be where he is and 3 for my youngest, I am starting from day one on an already 3 year old. But, he is 3 and my son is 3, piece of cake!

WRONG! They could not be more opposite. Even though they are both 3 years old, their development is totally off. Their behavior is completely opposite and attitude and back talking is not what I signed up for. If Blake talked back or got an attitude, he would get a time out or a stern talking to. If Braden refused to do something, like eat dinner, he didn’t get dessert or to stay up late. I consider myself a strict but fair and loving mom. They are spoiled to the core, but they do not play video games with the exception of the LeapPad, they do not eat junk food (often), they do not hit others, they do not bite others, they listen to their teachers, grandparents, coaches, and never had any issues at school. They are very good boys, but yes, far from perfect. They do fight with each other, they do have tantrums, meltdowns, scream in the store when they don’t get the box of cereal with the cool character on the box. They are 5 and 3 and they are normal, healthy kids.

So, when this new little boy invades our territory, its a whole new learning experience for all of us. Him, me, and the boys. Braden is at school all day, so it’s just me and Blake. We all have to learn to adapt, but can I really adapt to a new parenting style when after 5 years its seems to be working pretty well??? I know I am not perfect but it works for us and and our family.

So, here I am 2 weeks in to this crazy adventure and I am not sure how well I am handling thing. Things are not going as well as planned. However, I can adapt and will have to, right???