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    Anchor Blade Bracelet {Review}

    Anchor Blade Bracelet by Lesebi
    Favorite Holiday Finds #2


    The Anchor Blade Bracelet by Lesebi is made with Argentinean Leather and Casted Horse Shoe Nails which makes this piece completely unique.  The leather band is wonderful quality with a nice thickness to it.  I love the look of the casted horse shoe nails that are paired with the Argentinean Leather.  This piece is modeled after the royal sport of jousting and is a LESEBI signature piece that uses horse shoe nails.  This piece retails for $45 and comes in two sizes, Medium (size 8) and Large (size 8.5).  They run kind of big (or I just have a small wrist) as I have the 8 and it does slip on and off without me having to latch it together, so plan accordingly when ordering.

    Anchor Blade Bracelet by Lesebi


    I haven’t worn jewelry in a long time but my husband recently resized my wedding ring and somehow just wearing that ring has re-sparked my love for jewelry.  I love unique, some may say, statement, pieces.  I love handmade pieces because no two are exactly alike.  They may look alike at first glance but they are all as unique as the person creating them.  The detail in the Anchor Blade Bracelet is so cool.  I love the heaviness and sturdiness of it.  It is a piece that says “strength” in my eyes.  Lesebi has a great selection of other pieces for women (and soon for men too) all at a decent price point and being handmade, you can’t ask for more!  The Vintage Collection contains cuff bracelets, necklaces, crosses, and rings.  They are also going to be adding beachwear to their brand.

    If you are looking for a completely unique and different piece of jewelry, take a peek at what Lesebi has to offer.  I am sure you will find something you will like for yourself too!




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