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    Ants begin – #Raid Defense ends!

    Yes, it is that time of year again!  Ant season!  Every year we go through this horrible time with getting ants in our kitchen.  They usually do not get past the kitchen’s patio doors either.  We have sprayed the outside around the foundation and still, we get ants.  Add in the wet, hot, weather and you have added another billion ants to the mix.  That is NOT a nice thing you want to see in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home for that matter.  I am not a bug person whatsoever!  I hate anything with more than 4 legs, anything that flies around out there, and anything that will sting or bite.  Sitting here I just freaked myself out thinking something was on my arm when it wasn’t!  I hate BUGS!!!

    When I was asked to test out the Raid Defense System, knowing what I know about the bugs and more so the ants in my kitchen, I couldn’t resist.  I mean, we have tried all different kinds of things so far as I like to try a more natural approach first and when all else fails, I’ll find another method….I’d do anything as long as it kills!!!

    We spotted a little handful of ants in the kitchen so of course, I sprayed the Raid Ant & Roach spray on it and it did kill them on contact.  So, I swept them up, cleaned the area and went about my business.  Until the next day.  Then, there were more.  It was like they all started looking for the missing ants.  We sprayed again.  Again, they were killed on contact.  Swept and cleaned again.  The next day….they’re back.  Well, not the same ones obviously, but their friends.  Then it was time to bring out the big guns.  We used the Raid Max Bug Barrier.  Glided that right onto the floor next to the floor board and waited.  We did spot some coming out of this one little crack and they couldn’t get past the road block of ant killer and died shortly after their attempt.  Once we knew where they were coming from, we used the Raid Ant Gel and squeezed some of that good stuff right into the crack.  NO MORE ANTS!!!!  It’s been a week and they haven’t surfaced again!  I am HOPING and PRAYING that they don’t come back again this year but if they do, I’m well armed!  The Raid Max Bug Barrier and Ant Gel both say that it should last up to 30 days so I am counting the days as we speak and so far, so good!

    The great folks at Raid have offered to giveaway some coupons & products to a lucky winner!  If you have a horrible ant situation or have issues with a variety of bugs this time of year, this prize is for you!  We will be giving away the following to one of our lucky readers:

    Five-$5 off Raid purchase coupons ($25 value)
    Raid Max Ant & Roach
    Raid Ant Gel
    Raid Max® Bug Barrier
    Raid Max® Bug Barrier Defense Marker

    Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below and you’re good to go!  Sorry guys this is only open to US residents only!

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