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    {April} Business of the Month & Giveaway – Bellanonna Boutique

    Our April Business of the Month award goes to Samantha McCall, mom of two, and owner/creator of Bellanonna Boutique.    Bellanonna Boutique is an all natural skin care line created from the heart and is a business that involves the entire family.  All of their products are all natural and do not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins (which is a plus for us)!  From creating to testing, the process is fun and exciting.  Once you’ve tried the company’s sugar scrub, the results will leave you wanting more!

    How did Bellanonna Boutique come to be?  Why did you decide to create earth-friendly products? 

    When I decided to start my company, coming up with a name was something that I had dreamed up in my head for years.  My late Grandmother, Sibyl Brewer, is the heart and sole of Bellanonna Boutique.  The word ‘Bellanonna’ means Beautiful Grandmother in Italian.  My grandmother always used All Natural products and was always coming up with her own skincare concoctions and had the most radiant and glowing skin.   I have made my own all natural products for myself, husband and our two children for years as well as friends and family.  My husband suggest I start a small business and see what happens.  We never imagined in our wildest dreams that Bellanonna would become so successful so fast, but are ecstatic and very blessed!

    How does the creative process work in regards to scents and different types of scrubs and creams, etc…?

    My brain is constantly working non stop!  I am always researching exotic fruits, nuts and butters and their healing properties.  I am always blending new recipes and creating the perfect product for all of our clients!

    What is your favorite type of product to create?

    My sugar scrubs are my favorite!  There is an endless amount for exotic fruits and butters from all over the world and I love creating new scrubs for all of our clients!  Everyone has a different skin type so I am constantly making it my mission to create different products for each and every skin type and skin issues that my clients want to naturally heal.

    With a lot of focus on how different cosmetic/fragrance products are tested, how are Bellanonna Boutique products tested?

    All of our products are HUMAN TESTED ONLY.  Bellanonna is also a recognized by PETA as a Cruelty Free Company and listed on their website.  We use All Natural products and never test on animals.

    What is on the horizon for Bellanonna Boutique?  Do you plan on adding a child line at any point in the near future?

    We are currently in the process of adding a children’s sugar scrub line, a bakery inspired sugar scrub line and a facial scrub/mask line as well!
    How do you balance your business life and family life?

    Balancing family life with Bellanonna is easy!  I make sure to always involve my family, whether it be teaching our children how important it is to use All Natural products that are never tested on animals, or to my husband helping me put labels on all of my jars we do it as a family.  One thing we make sure we do every night, is sit down as a family and eat dinner and talk about how each of our day’s went.  We make sure every night we spend quality time as a family.  I think the key to having a good balance is to make not only your business your passion, but your family as well!

    Running a small business can be quite stressful, how do you handle the stress? Do you have any groups, networks or anyone that you can share business matters with? 

    Sure there are definitely stressful days especially since I am a “one woman show”, but at the end of the day I know that I have an amazingly supportive family as well as friends and that’s all that matters.  I have met several other WAHM’s that own small businesses and that’s a huge help having them in my life because we all vent to one another and keep each other on our feet!

    What has been the best thing you have learned thus far when it comes to running your own business?  

    The best thing I have learned since starting Bellanonna is that my children are thriving from me creating all of my products!  When I am making products, our two children love watching and asking questions about the exotic fruits and materials that I use in each product.  It is always a learning lesson for them when I am whipping up products!  We talk about what country the fruits, oils and butters come from as well as how many centuries each one has been in existence.   I am so blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my children and continue to grow Bellanonna.

    Naturally, when you start your own business one experiences honest mistakes that could only be learned by trial and error.  What has been the biggest “lesson learned” thus far when it comes to running your own business?    

    My biggest lesson thus far would be to ask for help when needed!  Don’t get stressed out!  I am a huge perfectionist when it comes to my entire line, but I have realized that it is ok to ask for help whenever you need some!  I’ve had to “put my pride away” a few times and let my husband at least help with packing and shipping!

    What is the best piece of advice you could give someone who is interested in starting their own business? 

    Follow your dream!  Bellanonna was a huge dream of mine … I ran with it and put my heart and soul in it and the outcome is fabulous!  Never give up or let anyone bring you down!  Always stand 200% behind your business and your success will be unimaginable!

    Bellanonna Boutique is also giving away a fabulous prize to one lucky winner!  If selected, you will receive a $35 gift voucher that can be used to purchase anything you’d like off of the website!  To enter, all you need to do is follow the instructions below!  This giveaway is only valid for USA shipping addresses.

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    1. Cannot wait to try these all natural products! Knowing now exactly what this company is about has helped make my mind up! 🙂 Love the family business, and my Nonna is indeed Bella as well with the most incredible skin! I think I may have to buy for her as well! Saluté!

    2. Nothing is more luxurious than Naturally Made products…what a Pleasure!! I am keen to try some facial moisterizer but My 3 DD’s it will a body for after bath massages…yeah they are slightly spoiled in this aspect of life. {{grin}}

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