Are you letting your children chase their dreams?

As parents we always want to inspire our children to follow their dreams, but what if their dream isn’t what we want for them?  Should we curate our children’s life or should we allow them to follow what is in their heart… right now?  As parents we think we know best. We want to protect our children from everything so, naturally if the child’s dream isn’t what we think is safe or not the lifestyle we want….what do we do?

Many years ago I was picked in a model search, I didn’t think I would get picked I was truly there to support a friend.  When my name was called I was in shock…. me?  I was wearing baggy pants a t-shirt with a boring ponytail.  The agency thought I would be good for print ads and commercials {let’s be honest I’d never make runaway I’m a whole 5ft maybe an inch or two}.  I was picked… they choose me from a sea of hopefuls and nothing came of it.  I would have to travel back and fourth from my home to the agency (that was 2 hours away), my dad was stationed in Korea (U.S.Army) and my mom didn’t want to do it alone every weekend.  It didn’t bother me immensely I was just there for support anyway, but somewhere deep down inside I guess it did.

When I was 18 years old a co-worker said, “Why are you here in Texas?  You need to be New York or Hollywood.” it hit me I may have been there already if I had modeled.  Now I’m not saying she thought I was model material— I was a comedian at work I loved to make people laugh.  I would make survey calls using my arsenal of voices to make the time pass, people wanted to set next to me so they could laugh.

Now, I have my own little girl who has shared great interest in acting.  She has done little modeling gigs nothing too big, but she wants to go big.  I’m not sure if Mama is ready for all that.  I want to let my baby follow her dreams, but I want her to enjoy childhood and still do wonderful in school.  I’m starting to look into agencies for her—I don’t want her to reflect and say we held her back.

I realized there could be more dangerous dreams she could have, like driving monster trucks. Kaid Jaret Olson-Weston {K.J.} is an 8 year-old member of pro mini-monster team.  He drives real life monster trucks and his parents are in full support of him.  When K.J’s mom was interviewed she said, “I do not want to stand in between K.J and his dreams.”  I thought to myself I just don’t know if I could stomach my baby in a heavy duty Monster Truck.  I’m all about chasing dreams and wishing on a star but I’m full of worry already.  What are your thoughts?  Is there a difference in the pursuit of dream catching or should we allow our children to chase every dream?

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