Arthur Turns 35

Do your kids love this guy?

Turns out this lovable 8 year-old is older than me.  Arthur is turning 35 years old and his creator Marc Brown shared with a bookstore full of families, the story behind Arthur and his new book  Arthur Turns Green.  Guess who was there to report back to you….

That is right– yours truly was there to meet Marc Brown and I could not be happier.  Mr. Brown is so nice and just like Arthur he is lovable—he really captivated the kids. Mr. Brown answered questions, drew a picture of Arthur, and signed books.

How did Marc Brown come up with Arthur?

He has the slightest idea of how Arthur became an Aardvark “perhaps I was thinking alphabetically-that day.”  The day he is speaking of, is the day he told his son Tolon a story that featured the most loved aardvark ever.

Did you know Marc Brown didn’t want Arthur to be a television show? Do you know who talked him into it?   The legendary Mr. Rogers—of course.

If you are an avid reader of the Arthur book series as we are (My kiddos absolutely love Arthur and have for years—9 to be exact), you may know Marc Brown hides his children’s names in the illustrations of his books.  Every time we open an Arthur book, that is the first thing my eldest daughter wants to do.

How did Marc Brown come up with that?

One day while Marc Brown was working on a new story his sons Tolon and Tucker were in his studio getting into his paints.  Marc told his sons, “close your eyes I have a game for you”—while their eyes were closed he hid their names in a picture board and the boys had to find it.  Marc Brown snickered and said,  “it to took them half an hour.” (Score for Mr. Brown I think I need to try this–some little people like to get into my crafty stuff.)

Marc Brown’s new book

Arthur Turns Green

Arthur gets with the times and goes green.  Arthur helps out at school with a big green project to “turn green” Arthur’s sassy younger sister takes things literal.  This book is cute and funny D.W. always brings a little something to the table.  The kiddos enjoyed the book at my home, as well as the kids at the reading by Mr. Brown himself.

After you get the new book Arthur Turns Green (and read it a zillion and one times to your child/children), go pre-order the new book ZooZical, by Judy Sierra.  Mr. Brown has lent his hand in creating pictures for this new book about zoo animals making the best of winter.

Zoozical by Judy Sierra

What else is Marc Brown working on?

When Mr. Brown returns home he will start working on illustrating a book entitled “If all the animals came inside”

This book sounds like such fun—cannot wait.

Here are some links to get your kids ready to turn green with Arthur

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