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    audio-technica headphones {product review}

    audio-technica product review

    Today I was able to review a pair of headphones that were made for smart phones called, audio-technica sonicfuel {$49.95}.  When they arrived in the mail, you would have thought that my husband was the one who was going to be writing this review the way he jumped all over them.   They claim to be personalized and stay in place with optimal sound.  My husband is big into music and is very, very critical about, well, everything.  If these headphones passed his critical mind, well then I’d say we have a winner!


    Ladies and gentlemen, we DO have a winner!  He loved the audio-technica headphones and here’s why:

    • you can select your size “C-tip” to fit the shape of your own ear – aka it’s personalized {as you can see it in the photo – it’s the black part that just fits into the shape of my husbands ear, he needed the medium size one
    • you can also select the size of the ear bud so for someone like my husband, he required the smaller ear bud
    • you can also use them with your smart phone since it has the in-line mic and volume controls and that easily takes care of the hands-free volume while you’re on the phone
    • they have a 360 degree rotating ear tip so that helps it to fit and stay securely inside your ear
    • the quality for these ‘lil guys are super and the base sounds great; like no other! {as said by husband}
    • they come in red which is one of his favorite colors

    Needless to say, I haven’t had the opportunity to test them out because he did steal them from me, but we’ve been together for 26 years so I guess I’ll take his word for just how good they really are.  And, since I haven’t seen them or heard any complaints about them, they are as good as gold!

    Be sure to pick up a pair for your husband this holiday season!  He’s going to really like them, just ask my husband!








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