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    B nature – Product Review

    Moms With a View had the opportunity to review our first organic clothing product. How exciting for us since we are all starting to become more aware of our earth and what is good for it and ultimately for us. I have been making small changes in my life with regards to going green, like taking less time in the shower, changing our light bulbs to eco-friendly ones, unplugging certain household items that are not used consistently and more. We are starting to put more emphasis on our clothing and beauty products so having this review come to us now couldn’t be better timing.


    When I opened up the 100% recycled package that contained the romper, I was hoping it was an adult size! It is made using 100% organic cotton and produced without the use of harmful pesticides. To my surprise, it was incredibly soft! It is a tagless romper so there are no itchy tags hanging to irritate the back of babies neck. The other positive thing I noticed is that the garments are made using a flatlock seem finish (seen below), again, helps protect the skin from itchy, annoying seems in tender areas such as the crotch and under the arms. All pieces are made using natural cotton colors which look great for either a boy or girl. Moms, you will love to have your little baby in B nature products. To wash, machine wash cold *don’t forget, use your eco-friendly laundry detergent*, do not bleach and tumble dry on low. B nature stands behind every stitch, every detail, every piece of clothing! Be sure to visit to see all the wonderful options you have to dress your baby in eco-friendly products from the very beginning. When making your purchase, use the discount code of MWAV08 for an additional 10% off your order. Shop Organic, shop B nature. Now I am off to see if I can find any organic adult tee-shirts made using a flatlock seem finish! LOVE that!

    For those that don’t know what flatlock seems are, here is a photo I took of the garment. You can see the seem is flush up to the actual fabric so there are no loose ends or ends sticking out.
    B nature seem
    Your baby will love the feel and you will love knowing that your baby is comfortable in his/her clothing!

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