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    BabyNoBugs by BabyLegs

    Guess what season it is now?  Some might say summer… I say, BUG season!  I hate this season more than anything!  I hate June bugs, I hate mosquito’s, I hate ants and spiders and anything that flies and stings!  I know what it is like to get stung and bitten by insects and the one thing we try to prevent is to have our children bitten or stung.  This is where our next product feature comes in!  BabyNoBugs by BabyLegs Arm & Leg Warmers!  We have tested Haeleum products previously and have been completely satisfied with its outcome for adults so it is obvious that we would love the BabyNoBugs product line!

    BabyNoBugs is a new innovative line that is specially treated with Insect Shield technology.  This patent protected technology repels harmful insects  (including fleas and ticks) making your summer outings a lot more fun!  The EPA requires extensive testing to prove its ability to repel insects.  Needless to say, numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of permethrin treated clothing as a insect repellent.  The insect repellent treated BabyLegs will last through 70 washings, which is the expected lifetime of the garment.  You can wash them right in your own washing machine…no need for dry cleaning!  The good thing about this product technology is that you cannot see, feel or smell any repellent and it is perfectly safe for baby!

    BabyNoBugs arm & leg warmers come in four different styles for boys and girls.  BabyNoBugs legwarmers come in handy.  They not only help to protect little ones knees while they are crawling around in the grass or other rough surfaces, but they make diaper changes and potty training so much easier.  No fussing trying to put on pants or shorts!  They also help to keep baby’s arms and legs warm all year round.  (They even keep moms arms warm too… I’ve tried them!)

    Keep baby safe…and mom happy! BabyNoBugs by BabyLegs are $15 each and can be purchased at babylegs.com

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