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    Back at it again – @WeightWatchers that is…

    Weight Watchers - It's just like riding a bike!


    Yesterday morning I woke up and decided it was time to get back to going to Weight Watcher meetings.   May 14th was my last recorded weigh in.  I just stopped going for what ever reason and didn’t make it that much of a priority.  I had appointments, last week of school, anxiety issues, that weighing in just didn’t seem as important at the time, so I didn’t go.  When I woke up and made a conscious decision to go and weigh in, I was more than nervous, I was scared.  Because I had been gone so long, yes, even in a months time you can still create damage to the scale, I didn’t know what to expect.  I did know that following the Weight Watchers plan is much like that of riding a bike.  If you fall off, you just get right back up and try again.  If you stop riding a bike for awhile, you never forget how to do it!  Get on that bike and start riding again!  Get back on track and start tracking again!


    I had only been going to meetings for about 8 weeks prior and didn’t really lose much.  I hate tracking and that is my biggest issue.  I just read online that Carrie Underwood writes down everything she eats {she’s not a Weight Watcher} and says it’s nice to look back to see what you have consumed during the day and then you’re like wow, I ate that?  When a non-Weight Watcher can say that she keeps track of her food intake, you know the biggest key to all of this is tracking, or journalling your food, what ever you want to call it, just writing it out helps to keep us all accountable.  Why can’t I get into the habit of writing it down?  I know that Weight Watchers has this awesome app, but while I like to see it all in front of me, I just can’t get the swing of the app.  I know there are fancy weight/food trackers and believe me, I’ve probably bought them all, but yet, I still can’t get into the habit of writing in them EVERY day.  I’m good for about a week, maybe two, then I slump off and just say forget it.  I like to see it all in front of me, in black and white….what did I do, what didn’t I do, etc… If the Weight Watchers app would allow you to print off your daily journal, that might be helpful.  Then I can slip them into a nice binder and keep them on paper to refer back to.   Although I just realized that if you log into your eTools you can print, but I’d like the app to have that option too! 🙂


    So anyway, I went back to my meeting place and the leader actually greeted me by name.  She remembered my name after not being there a full month, and only being there for a couple months!  I was pleasantly impressed!  I liked that!  I popped myself onto the scale and told the girl weighing me that I hadn’t been there in 4 weeks and I was very scared.  Then I looked up when she said, “You stayed EXACTLY the same!”, you have NO idea how shocked I was.  I took that as a sign that it was meant for me to continue on this weight loss journey no matter how many times I stop and start.  Things come up in life that we just don’t or can’t “plan” for so the next best thing you can do is to just pick up right where you left off.  And, in my case, it was at the same exact weight!  I’ll take that!


    I am going to be writing more about weight loss and my journey as it is extremely important to me to keep this documented.  If anything perhaps I can use this blog as a way to keep me motivated and with any luck, motivate someone reading.  It’s a hard and long process and I have to keep remembering that and not take every bump in the road too seriously.  And with that, I am off to do a little exercise and plan my food for the day!


    What has been your biggest weight loss journey struggle?  Are you a good tracker and journal your food all the time, or are you a slacker like me?  Are you inconsistent with your plan?  Do you plan your meal?  What do you think is your biggest hurdle?  




    1. I just restarted my Weight Watchers program yesterday after being off program for a few months. New year and fresh start. I’m thinking about checking out the personal coaches. Good luck to you.

      • I started trying to use My Fitness Pal because I had a bad go of WW and wanted to see if I could try something else. Have you ever used My Fitness Pal at all? It’s weird trying to count calories when I’m used to points. 😉 BUT…what ever works is best! 🙂

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