#BackToSchool + School Supplies = @MeadFiveStar

Back to School shopping has always been fun for me because that means I get to pick out school supplies. There is nothing more fun than brand new folders, pens, spiral notebooks, binders, planners, locker goodies, pencil pouches, you get the idea right? I’m a bit of a school supply junkie. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love them, love them all!

We were sent some pretty amazing products and as you are reading this, my three kids (and myself…shhhh) are currently using every product shown and they we love them all! The girls especially love the locker essentials and my son is all about the Trapper Keepers & Snapper Trappers add ons and me, I have a thing for binders and spiral notebooks! They are definitely getting great use here!

Take a look at some of my family’s favorites from Mead and Five Star! When it comes to school supplies Mead and Five Star are top quality in my opinion!

mead and five starback to school with mead and five star

For more information about any of the above mentioned products, be sure to visit www.mead.com – they have a great sale going on now too!