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    Beamz by Flo {review}


    We recently included Beamz by Flo in our Annual Holiday Gift Guide because it has got to be the coolest gift ever!  If you have a child {or adult} in your life that is a music fanatic, then you will definitely want to read on.

    Beamz by Flo allows you to interact with music like no other, and we mean, like no other!  Whether you are well versed in all things music or just starting out, Beamz by Flo gives you the full entertainment experience by just using hand movements.  You don’t have to learn how to read music, or pick up an instrument, or even sing!  All you need is the Beamz by Flo and the Beamz by Flo app and you are your own composer, dj or even a rock star!  Now, Beamz by Flo is not meant in any way to eliminate real instruments, it is to help bring out the inner musician in everyone.  Beamz by Flo {yes, by Billboard Artist Flo Rida} is branding this signature product to help inspire people of all ages to enjoy making music that moves them.

    So, lets get started:  When you take your Beamz by Flo out of the box, it is super easy to set up.  Plug in the provided cord to your USB power cord and attach it to the back of Beamz.  Download the Beamz by Flo app {there is a free version and a paid version {$12.99 discounted from $19.99} that provides you with plenty of musical pleasures}.  Once you have made your app selection open it up and you instantly transform into a musical entertainment master!

    The amount of fun you can have is endless and honestly, it’s quite addicting.  You can play classical, jazz, rock, rap, stigmata and so much more!  Add hip scratches, piano high and low notes, air horn, wobble, organ, rock guitar, trombone, crash cymbal, hi hat, it’s endless!  You can add rhythm to all your selections or just keep it simple!  You can add vocals, recordings and record your own stylings.  We literally sat there for the longest time checking out all the different musical combinations that you could create.  It was something that the entire family had fun with and that is something that is hard to do these days of teenage years!

    All you do is move your hands through the {four} laser beams to create music magic.  It is set up so that when you pass your hands through the lasers, you trigger a variety of instruments and sounds.  When you “swap”, you are given additional sounds to play with.  You can check out their videos for more information!

    You can connect Beamz by Flo with a PC, iPad {which is what we did}, iPod, or iPhone.  It’s something that can be used by all ages.  Beamz by Flo retails for $249.99 and is currently $179.99 with free shipping.   We hope your holiday is filled with music and laughter, so don’t forget to visit Beamz by Flo and pick up yours today!!!  P.S. –> Your kids will LOVE you if you do!

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