Beginning Chores

We are getting to that age where it’s time to start working for their own money. My oldest is 5 and keeps asking for toys and games for the iPad and stuff he just doesn’t need. So, we decided to let him do some chores to earn some extra money. After searching Pinterest and Etsy, I found this great page, Soapstar Mom, that has these fabulous Chore Cards that are perfect for our little man. They have pictures and words so he can easily identify what chore he is to do. Plus each card comes laminated and punched already!

I just needed a way to hang them or display them for him to easily see. So, I took a cabinet door I had on hand, painted it blue, his choice, and some cup hooks, along with the word Chore Chart I cut out with my vinyl cutter, and created my very own chore chart for my hardworking little guy.



One thought on “Beginning Chores

  1. Hi Toni, I absolutely LOVE what you did! I wanted to do something similar with a bulletin board, those big paperclip things and chores where the kids {mine are older} can pick and choose which chores they wish to do and they get paid for them. Each chore has a dollar amount shown and then if say my older one needs $5, she can find a chore that is worth $5 and select to do that chore. This way, they can earn their allowance {since I never really did that with them} and learn some responsibility! I will have to share it when I figure out how do really do it. I saw one similar on Pinterest but now I have to go back and find it…I forgot to PIN it! EEKS!!!

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