Breaking Away from Holiday Traditions

How does one start breaking away from holiday traditions? I haven’t a clue. And, I am not even sure I want to know. Holiday traditions hold a special place in our hearts. It usually will consist of a variety of things that remind us of our Grandparents or family members that we have lost along the way. Holiday traditions though lately have become somewhat….meaningless. Let me explain. The holidays have become nothing but a rush and distant memory don’t you think?  

Breaking Away from Holiday Traditions

Sometimes I wish I could just ditch the holiday tradition and just use the holiday for what it’s for; being thankful for the people and places that surround us.  Sometimes I’d like to just forgo all the fuss with holiday baking and rushing around trying to get the “perfect” gift.  Sometimes I wish I could just pick up and go.  Far…away. 

I’m not saying I am not grateful for those holiday traditions that have become just something that I do, but sometimes I wonder if those traditions are just for my own benefit and not for anyone else.  For instance; the ornaments on the tree.  Now that the kids are older, they don’t partake in all the fun family traditions that I had thought were “our” thing.  Things like spending the day together playing holiday music, putting the tree up, hanging all the decorations on each branch while reminiscing about when we got it, or hanging up the perfectly timed snowflakes on the window for the outside world to see.  

Those were the things that I thought my kids would remember most.  How much fun we had doing it all.  All the giggles we shared while dancing to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.  Now, I am lucky enough to have one child with me for less than an hour.  Was doing that year after year for the last 18 years worth all the effort that was put into it?  I’m not sure.  

All the nights I spend baking cookie after cookie for all to enjoy.  Do they enjoy that tradition?  Of course, they do.  They get to eat my labor.  I’m definitely not complaining about that, it is something I enjoy doing but as soon as they’re cooked, they’re gone! Do they appreciate all the days I’ve spent running around town trying to find that one gift that was a make it or break it gift? 

Should you start breaking away from holiday traditions?

When I was little, I remember driving around endlessly looking at all the pretty holiday lights.  I remember going to the city to walk around (in the cold) to look at all the holiday window displays.  It wasn’t that they were expensive things to do, it was just something fun that we got to look forward to each year.  Now?  I asked my kids what they look forward to every year and they respond with… the pass the present game.  REALLY?  I must suck at family traditions if all they remember is a game that was played where they received a travel package of tissue or a roll of toilet paper.  Seriously!  I just asked Gianna if she remembered any of the gifts she received from the game and she shook her head no and then replied with a questionable “toilet paper?”.

Who needs holiday traditions?

I guess there is no need for family traditions.  They will just get flushed down the drain along with the toilet paper.  This year I am breaking away from family traditions.  I will not be baking! Hahaha…no I’ll still bake!  Even though they don’t think of it now, once they are grown and out of the house, those are the things they will look forward to the most.

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