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    One FUN Bucket List idea – #VerifiedMomBCN Day 5

    Do you have a Summer Bucket List?

    Summer Bucket List


    With my kids getting older, I’ve found that this summer is particularly boring.  All they do is sleep!  They are 11, 14 & 17 and they LOVE their sleep.  I’ve done everything I can think of aside from throwing water on them to get them to go outside and do something productive.  I don’t want to say I have lazy kids, but I will.  For the last week I’ve been getting their lazy butts up by 11 just so that they aren’t up until 3am.  I want to see their faces and their eyes open.  I’ve forced them to go for walks with me and the dogs, I’ve forced them to get on the treadmill, I’ve forced them to go swimming with me….yes, I have forced them.  They usually resist at first but within a few moments, all is forgotten and I have my kids back among the living.


    So, what’s on my summer bucket list?  This one I am really excited about because I’ve always wanted to do it and it’s something so simple but I think now that they’re older it will be extremely interesting to say the least.  Today I am going to buy each person, including myself, a canvas, paints and brushes and we are going to head somewhere, destination unknown to set up paint shop and start painting what we see.  Each of us will sit there with our canvas and paints and just create what ever our minds see.  With the kids being older, I am curious to see what they see and more importantly, what my mind sees and how I can put it onto the canvas, considering I am so not the artist!

    With that said, I will have to come back and update this post with our fantabulous photos of our day!  I think we will follow it up with a trip to get some ice cream!


    *Update*  OMG it was SO FUN!!!  The kids and I went to a local forest preserve, walked around for a very little bit until we found the perfect spot.  It was so fun to see them all sit there looking at the same exact scene and each of us did something different.  I would look over at each of them and they’d be intensely painting away.  Even my son….his is very interesting to say the least.  His was “abstract” as he informed me and it is what his eyes saw.  Hmmmm.  So, here are our hand-painted scenery pics and the actual spot we were painting.  Can you guess which one is mine?



    Summer Bucket List Finished Project

    Summer Bucket List Scenery



    What’s one thing on your summer bucket list?  Please share because I’m always looking for things to do with these kids of mine!


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    1. That’s a great idea! We love painting and craft projects. My girls have been obsessed with coloring this week and I even bought myself a “grown up” coloring book and some new colored pencils!

    2. This is fabulous. I love the update… and seeing how your kids cooperated and participated… seems like we just need to get them through that hurdle of “ohhh Mooooommmmmmmmm”!!!

      Mine are 23, 17 and 14. The oldest is away this Summer, but the next time we are together for any length of time, I think I’ll call for a plein air painting play day. I’ve been doing an index card art challenge this Summer – almost done with it and actually stayed with it!

      I imagine my youngest will balk the loudest, but he is actually a decent painter! Thank you for the inspiration!!

    3. What a fantastic idea!! I love that…and I loved the way it came out. Thank you so much for linking up..

      I know my toddler wouldn’t sit still to save his life but I wonder if my 16 year old would like this? I shall try it…
      On my bucket list this summer..was definitely the beach!! And I went…and looking forward to going back!

      Keep in touch,

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