Campbell’s says good-bye to BPA

Staring down the inside of your favorite canned soup there possibly lurks some potential dangers.  Once upon a time I use to buy my daughters canned princess soups and then I switched to organic soups.  As time changed I learned more and thought… I’m canning the canned foods all together.  It has been two years since I have used a canned food. Why? Because I heard off the chemicals that lined the inside of the cans.  Here I was trying to be more organic and dye-free but the packaging holding my foods was not helping me to do so.   The levels of BPA in some of these foods are outrageously high, and the fact that the BPA levels are so high in those foods geared towards children is just upsetting. Campbell’s Disney Princesses and Toy Story Soups were among the highest tested levels of BPA.  The Breast Cancer Fund and Healthy Child Healthy World  both created petitions to see change in the way of BPA use in Campbell’s soups.  

Campbell’s has heard the concerns of the consumers {parents} and has decided to make a change.  Campbell’s canned goods will no longer use BPA, however no time line has been given or what alternative Campbell’s will use in place of BPA.  Nonetheless, since a company that has been around since 1869 is able to turn a new leaf we are hoping that others will follow suit.  What are your thoughts?