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    Candy, no problem, we have the FireFly Ready Go Brush toothbrush! {Review}

    ith Halloween right around the corner {eeks}, all I can think of is how am I going to not eat all the Halloween candy myself!  I mean, it’s HALLOWEEN candy!  Where treats are oh so good, but oh so bad for your teeth!  We as parents also know that kids do not brush their teeth very good, or long enough, at least mine don’t!  That’s why when I learned about the FireFly Ready Go Brush toothbrush I knew we had to try it.  {Our disclosure}

    Let me tell you a little about the FireFly Ready Go Brush toothbrush.   The new FireFly Ready Go Brush features colors and mimics the cycle of a traffic light and it’s designed to let kids know how long they need to brush each row of teeth to be effective against cavities.  To start the traffic light, simply push the button below the green light.  This feature makes it more fun for kids and doesn’t make it seem like a exhausting chore!  For the first thirty seconds the toothbrush will flash green, then it changes to yellow to signal you are half way done.  When the red light comes on, it only flashes a few times and that indicates you are done brushing.  Repeat it on the unbrushed row of teeth.  Another good feature is that it has a suction cup at the bottom making it easy to store upright so it stays away from moisture and unwanted germs! You can clearly see that Gianna was have a great time brushing her teeth. She had to show me how the lights flash over and over and over again. Needless to say, she did end up brushing both the top and bottoms sets of teeth, so I didn’t mind waiting. Now that I have seen her, she goes upstairs to brush when I tell her to…what?

    The FireFly Ready Go Brush toothbrush is for ages 3-12 and comes in four different characters, Barbie, Spider Man, Angry Birds and FireFly.  It is reasonably priced too at just {around} $3.99 and is available at Target, Kroger, Meijers, and  Parents, you will love not having to nag your child to brush his/her teeth…they will just do it because it’s fun and on Halloween, they can brush in the dark!!!

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