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    Handling Temper Tantrums with Grace and Understanding

    Every parent dreads it: the temper tantrum. Amplify that with a scene in a public space, like a store, and you have a scenario many might call their "ultimate parenting nightmare". That was precisely the situation I found myself...

    Credit Card Woes: 2008 vs. 2023 – An Economic Odyssey

    The struggles of dealing with credit card debt are unfortunately a constant in many people's lives. A reflective blog from 2008 painted a vivid picture of the harsh reality faced by numerous individuals: grappling with a $180 finance charge...

    30 Simple Ways to Sprinkle Sunshine into Your Day!

    Why Small Acts Matter Life can be a rollercoaster with its ups and downs. Especially after long, gloomy months like fall and winter, many of us might feel a little out of sorts, reminiscent of those "winter blues." But remember,...

    A Guide to Overcoming the Back-to-School Blues

    Transitioning back to school can evoke a mix of excitement and apprehension. Dive into our guide to ease those back-to-school blues with love, understanding, and treasured rituals.

    Celebrating the New School Year: 5 Fun Ideas!

    Ah, the scent of new notebooks, the feel of crisp pages, and the excitement of seeing friends after a long summer. The new school year is not just a return to routine, but a chance to embark on new...

    Roll Up Your Sleeve and Roar for the Cause: The Brookfield Zoo Blood Drive!

    There's a fantastic opportunity coming your way that not only lets you make a massive difference in someone's life but also brings a day of wild fun for you and your family. Over the summer, the American Red Cross noticed...


    Warranty Failure and Service Neglect - Immediate Resolution Required Dear Milgard Customer Support, I am writing this email with a sense of extreme urgency and deep disappointment in the way my requests have been handled. I have been a proud homeowner...

    Visit The Pony Inn for Super Bowl Sunday!

    Chicago sports fans can visit the Pony Inn located in Chicago's Lakeview area at 1638 W. Belmont, Chicago. It has 13 wall-mounted TV's and individual 24-inch HDTVs at each table and booth! The Pony Inn is a great place...

    Where do I go from here?

    This was in my drafts for 4 years and I don't know why. Not much had changed during that time so it's still somewhat fitting. Which is sad. At this point, I'll just let you read it. Where do I...

    Got Hot Flashes? Get a Cooling Blanket!

    As I am aging and reaching that later in life female stage...ugh, I tend to get a lot of hot flashes. I'm always asking if it's hot in here or if it's just me. Usually, I get, "It's just...

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