Chapter One, Page One: Getting It Done

My journey may not be your traditional weight loss story, but it’s mine and I own it.  For me, I was always considered the “skinny” one of the family.  I had family members all around me struggling with weight on a daily basis and there I was eating anything and everything I wanted.  Granted it was all done before children and the aging process, but still, I was the “skinny” one.  After the birth of my first child (where I gained 50 pounds of pleasure eating), and after she turned one, I thought, this is it…time to get back on track with my weight.  I was back to my pre-baby weight within a years time (2 years from her birth).  It took a little more planning on what I was going to eat, but not much.  I just remember exercising like crazy.  I would take step classes, kickboxing, walk the treadmill and ride the recumbent bike.  It wasn’t painful from what I remember.  But, then I got pregnant with baby number two.  Again, gaining more weight than I should have, I had to work even harder to get it off.  I watched a little more closely to what I ate and I had to exercise even harder…and I was more tired to boot!  I mean, I was chasing a 3 year old and dealing with adding a new baby to the family…it was an adjustment.  At his second birthday party I thought, times up!  Again, it was one journey that I overcame within a years time, I was back to my pre-baby weight (2 years from birth).  Then, I had to go & get pregnant again!  I gained another 60 pounds and at her first birthday thought, ok, time to get it done.  Well, she is now going on 7 and I still haven’t gotten it done!  Life took over and I started putting everyone before me…as us mom’s/women so often do, that it just took over my life.  Now, I am at the point in my life where my kids aren’t as ‘needy’ and I can make time for me a little easier.

Yesterday, yep, Easter Sunday, I had my a-ha moment.  I realized that no matter what, if I don’t take of me, its obvious that no-one else will.  I have to take the first step in this journey for me, by myself.  No one will work out for me, no one will cook for me, no one will do my grocery shopping for me, I am in control of it all and I have to take a stand and get this journey done the right way, and now!

What have I done so far today?  I walked on the treadmill for 12 minutes, did the elliptical machine for 20 minutes and the stationary bike for 15 minutes, for a total work out time of 47 minutes.  My plan is to continue that with 13 minutes of a Wii Active/Wii Fit game to make it an even hour workout.

I had an egg white (hard boiled egg white, thanks to those dozen Easter eggs in the fridge) for breakfast.  Downed a bottle of water while working out.  For lunch I made an egg salad sandwich using 1 hard boiled egg white, 1 whole hard boiled egg and 1 teaspoon of light mayo with a dash of salt.  I used a bread that was 2 points for two slices, toasted it and put my egg salad between the pieces and wha-la!

Total points plus for today so far for breakfast and lunch = 5
Now I can enjoy my Easter dinner leftovers!!!  I am on a roll and I hope it doesn’t stop until I get it done!!!