Chicago Teens charged in beating posted on YouTube

Sadly, YouTube has become a bully’s playground to post videos of their heinous acts on their unexpected victims.  This past Sunday a teenage boy was beaten by his attackers, all while the 15 year-old girl who led him to his attackers filmed.  The teens beat the young man while taunting him and using racial slurs as well as taking his wallet and shoes.  This crime has not been ruled a hate crime… nonetheless the crime is disgusting and is a growing trend.

If you search YouTube you can find a slew of fights or “beat downs”.  This generation has grown-up posting their every move online, and now criminal acts are fair game?  Why these teens think it is okay to torment another human being is beyond me, but then to post it online is just morbid.  Is this for props or 15 minutes of online fame?

The attackers have all been charged for their crimes with one 17 year-old being tried as an adult.

The beating of the 17-year-old boy touched one Californian artist David Choe who painted a mural in honor of the young man.  Choe wrote via his Facebook: My tribute to all the dressed oriental kids who never take off their heavy backpacks even when they’re getting their faces kicked in.

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