Monday, July 15, 2024


    We all know kids can sometimes copy what they see or hear, sometimes they copy things we don’t want them to.  However what if they copied something we wanted them to– like eating healthy foods!

    Copy-Kids does just that, it displays happy children making healthy choices and this will for sure entice your littles to do the same.  I sat with my now 4 year-old son and watched Copy-Kids and he asked “Mama do we have some veggies for me to eat?”  I have to be honest, because we needed to go shopping all I had in my fridge was tomatoes & mixed salad.

    I let him know what we only had tomatoes and lettuce,  and he said “sure, that’s fine.”  {Okay my boy is a veggie lover so this wasn’t a big surprise}   I got a little snack size bowl and gave him his mini salad.  My son sat down eating his healthy snack watching the children on the televison eat their yummy veggies and fruits.

    I was even eager to eat veggies… no truly after watching the video we went grocery shopping!  I just had HAD to buy avocados, after seeing the kids on Copy-Kids eat avocados…. I NEEDED an avocado.  I believe this DVD would be perfect for the  littles ages 1-3.  Children learn by example and if you want your children to start out eating healthy this would be perfect.


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