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    CPSIA vs FDA – Which is worse?

    As I was sitting down watching the news and MSNBC tonight they had a spot on regarding the whole peanut mess. Now you know that people have died from this companies lack of compliance to FDA rules and letters, etc… Now they are recalling products and bulk whatever from 2007 to present. They have recalled all kinds of cracker products, dog biscuits, etc…

    At this particular time there are no penalties and no legal action that can be taken for the unsanitary factories here in the US which cause these outbreaks. People have been sickened…seriously, to death and nothing is being done about this. What about the tomatoes and scallions from this past summer? Death in this fashion is manslaughter and nothing is being done?

    Yet there are people who want to place huge fines on companies that cannot afford to test each and every single piece of clothing, or toy …or book that they come into contact with for lead? All the companies, from small to large, libraries, museums, etc…that will be forced to close us shop because they don’t want to risk something of that nature.

    Who is protecting ALL of us from the food we eat? You can’t buy a tomato at the grocery store unless it has been safely tested and passed a salmonella screening? Should that be done for all of us who wish to EAT? This would harm all ages from 0-100+! How can I tell if an apple is safe to eat and isn’t poisoned?

    Do we have to go back in time and sew, mend our own clothing, have our children play with blades of grass and rocks, and then start farming so you can eat your own poultry, fruits and veggies? I am sorry for all the venting but it just sickens me that all this crap is put out there to protect us…how in the world is it protecting anyone? One day coffee is good for you, then the next, nope, better stop drinking it. For real! Where is the consistency, where are the laws when people are dying at the unsanitary hand of another?

    Does this make sense to you all or am I completely talking out of my rear end with this? Please share your thoughts!


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