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    Crispy Green 100% Natural Crispy Fruit {review}

    A natural snack your kids will enjoy!

    Have you ever heard of Crispy Green?  If not, let me introduce you to their products.  Crispy Green Crispy Fruit is 100% natural (freeze-dried fruit) that come in individual, single-serving size pouches {$1.49} perfect for snacking or while on the go.  They are also available in “Grab & Go” 6-packs {MSRP $7.99}.  You can find Crispy Green Crispy Fruit at various retailers.

    Now that you know a little bit more about them you are probably wondering, that’s great, but do they taste any good?  You see, they come in seven different flavors and each one has its own distinct taste.  Take the pineapple for instance.   You expect dried fruit to be hard, crunchy, and/or blah tasting.  The pineapple you can totally tell, it’s indeed pineapple.  Tangerine tastes just like a tangerine!  Each fruit tasted exactly how you know them to taste but with a bit of a melty crunch to it.  It’s really hard to describe so I hope that you can get a good visual!

    See those?  Don’t they look like actual pieces of fresh tangerine?  It’s a light, airy, crispy texture that when in your mouth, they just sort of melt away.  Each little packet contains proper fiber and nutrients that are also found in fresh fruit.  They are Non-GMO project verified and are less than 55 calories per packet.  My favorite flavor was…

    I am not a banana fan on any day, but I absolutely LOVED the banana Crispy Fruit.  I mean this in the best way possible!   When I first tried it, it reminded me of a dried out sponge.  Then when water hit the sponge, it just springs into a nice plump squishy sponge.  When I first put the banana Crispy Fruit in my mouth it was a dried fruit, but after I was chewing it, it slowly started to taste more and more like I was eating a fresh banana.  Not liking banana, to begin with, I wasn’t sure how that was going to play out but I actually liked it, I really, really liked it.  It by far was my most favorite flavor followed by the apple.  It was really funny letting the kids do their own little taste testings.  All I kept hearing was “Ok, what do you think it is”…a few guesses…”ok , now what’s this one?” and it just kept going on until all seven flavors were tried.  I think we all agreed that the banana was one of our favorites.  Pineapple was pretty good and so was asian pear.  I am not a mango fan and wasn’t crazy about that one, but six out of seven wasn’t bad at all.    I don’t think one of the kids liked the cantaloupe and one didn’t like the tangerine.  It was a pretty good mix of opinions but, we all agreed that overall, the product itself was pretty tasty and if we could find it in our area, we would most likely make a purchase and toss them into backpacks and lunch boxes for easy, go-to snacking during and after school and activities.  They are great to have on hand… I’d even keep the banana ones in my car for those moments when I just want something to snack on!

    Crispy Green Crispy Fruit are both delicious and healthy.  Two things I value in a product!

    Have you ever tried Crispy Green Crispy Fruit, or any other dried fruits?  What’s your favorite flavor?



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