D-Wings by UT Wire

What a cleaver little product! Just a few pieces of uniquely designed plastic can save your life… well the life of your electronics at least. If you have small children or PETS D-Wings are a must. Even if you just have a mess of cluttered cords behind your desk, D-Wings can straighten up that unsightly mess. D-wings are the newest product by UT Wire.
In my house, more than one electronic device with an electrical cord has had the need to be replaced simply because my “innocent” little kitty thought the cords were her personal teething toys. Well when I got the opportunity to test out these cord keepers I jumped at it. First I HAD to test them out in my office where a cluster of cords from my monitor, PC, printers (yes I have several), router, lamps and cell phone charger all entwine in a magical jungle of electrical cords below my work table. This was not a pretty sight, but thanks to the D-Wings all my cords are now untangled and neatly secured to the wall (also no longer a teething hazard waiting to happen to my cat).
These worked so well in my office that I decided to try them out in my twins’ bedroom. They have loft beds (which are like a bunk bed with only the top bunk and a desk below) and a lot of cords accruing below. They EACH have a reading lamp fastened above, a desk lamp, handheld video game chargers, laptop chargers and a few various other items that need to be plugged in from time to time… let’s just say it’s a mess down there and these are just desk tops so no back panel to hide the mess! I fastened a few D-wings below each desk and the clutter immediately vanished. All the same cords are still there but instead of all the “slack” of the cords meshing into a black mess they are all lined up and neatly fastened to the wall.
The D-wings come 6 per pack in your choice of black or white. The backs have double stick tape so they adhere well to most surfaces, simply peel the backing and stick ‘em where you want them to stay!
I only wish they came in more colors! I used the white ones on my pale grey walls and the black on my dark blue walls and it was fine. However, another suggested use is to easily mount holiday lights and minimize clutter and eyesores… since its summer I didn’t test that theory, but I have turquoise walls on my balcony so I don’t think I would like them in white or black in that scenario.
~Lisa Yaker

2 thoughts on “D-Wings by UT Wire

  1. Thank u for sharing this cute product!
    I bought one right away frome Home Depot online 🙂
    I wish they have more color choices.
    But since the white one is paintable, I will try to DIY paint it & match the color!

  2. I loved this idea too! I had to ask my husband to help me idtniefy the cords because I didn’t know what some of them were for. With them labeled I will know in when I need them in the future!

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